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At Pomì we are aware of the value of the work done those who grow them: our farmers.

Meet Our Farmers: Pomì takes care of those who take care of tomatoes

What determines the true value of a product? Raw materials undoubtedly play a crucial role. But there's no ignoring those who take care of raw materials and transform them into a product, passing on intrinsic qualities to those who buy it.

At Pomì we know the land and tomatoes inside out, the raw material which all our products are made of. But we are also aware of the value of the work done by those who grow them: our farmers.

From the moment of planting in the fields, they dedicate themselves to their tomatoes so that they grow naturally healthy and good, until they are harvested and taken to processing facilities.

The fields are a heritage thanks to the efforts of the Consortium's beating heart. The farms, and so much more: the people, the families who every single day interact with the rhythms of the land, continuing an extraordinary and long tradition of cultivation.

This is why Pomì is committed to the well-being of its producers, promoting a model of ethical and responsible business for the land and those who take care of it. In full respect of work, Pomì focuses on everyone working along the supply chain, a heritage of human resources, starting right here in the fields.

Because Pomì is so much more than just a company,
Pomì is so much more than just a brand,
Pomì is so much more than just a tomato.
Above all, Pomì is a group of people who turn tomato into a superior quality product.



About Pomì

Happy Birthday Pomì!

In 1982, we presented our tasty and authentic Passata in the innovative cardboard Brik packaging.

About Pomì

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Highest quality, freshness and reliability: Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our Tomatoes.

About Pomì

Good, not just at Christmas

We’re all better at Christmas. But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas.