Pomì brand launches Tetra Gemina Aseptic, a new pack whose look is still more charming and easy to be used

Pomì: a new look for the historic leader of Passata

Pomì brand launches Tetra Gemina Aseptic, a new pack whose look is still more charming and easy to be used, with new graphics identifying all values of the brand: Italian tradition, Food Chain, Traceability and Freshness of Tomato. This is a real investment for Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, the owner of the brand: an esthetical and functional restyling of the pack, that will be launched starting from the month of November in the main Retail chains of Italian Distribution. This is an important switch-over: that is the union of values which assures the exclusivity to the product. Even better, with its new cap, 30% bigger and easy-to-be-used, this package is even easier to be opened with a more efficient drip system and its new particular inclination lets the product be easily poured. Once opened, the cap assures a better preservation, reducing waste. The edges and the square section let a comfortable and not-slip firm grip: the package is resistant and it can be placed in a horizontal position. Another winning card: in the respect of sustainability, Pomì brand chooses new packages, made of FSC paper, coming from forests properly and responsibly managed, and completely disposable (once rinsed) to be properly collected. Finally, on the new pack, by PomìTrace.it tool, consumers can localize, by a simple click, the farm which produced tomato contained in the package bought. Pomì Gemina, fruit of a strong cooperation with Tetra Pak, the most important multinational society of the packaging sector and excellent partner of Casalasco, meets threefold need of modern consumer: this pack assures both freshness and the traditional taste of tomato, confirms the quality, the safety, and the origin of final product, guaranteeing preservation and an easier consumption. This new packaging confirms the trend of Consorzio Casalasco to innovation, applying new technologies and a product that is a cornerstone of Italian Food tradition.





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