Discovering Pomì


The earth is the most honest thing there is. The more you give it, the more the earth gives back.

A family product, from the Pomì fields!

The earth is the most honest thing there is.
The more you give it, the more the earth gives back.

This is the most important lesson passed down from father to son in the Pomì tomato fields, in the gently rolling countryside nestling amid the provinces of Cremona, Parma, Mantua and Piacenza, which – and perhaps not many know this - is one of the areas with the longest-established tomato growing and processing traditions in Italy.

The finest tomato varieties are grown here, selected by the Agronomy Office and monitored by the Quality Office at Pomì as they grow, as they’re harvested and as they’re processed, to guarantee a fresh, genuine, healthy product.

This scrupulous, painstaking work involves a huge number of smallholders, members of the Casalasco Tomato Consortium. These are farmers who respect the earth and follow a series of strict production regulations, using resources responsibly, especially water.

The farms are all located around the companies that carry out the processing operations, and this wise, courageous, strategic decision – according to Giovanna Poletti, Insurance and Quality Control Manager – makes it possible “to have the tomatoes close to the factory, so they can be processed within a few hours from when they are picked, so as to maintain their organoleptic properties unaltered”.

This extremely short supply and production chain guarantees the freshness and traceability of Pomì products, from the seed to the jar. “We know exactly where and how things are done”, explains Agronomy Manager Davide Rocca.
This is also thanks to our daily contact with the farmers, with whom Pomì enjoys a close relationship, often handed down from one generation to the next!

This is why we consider Pomì a family product!




Discovering Pomì

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