Interview with Costantino Vaia, General Manager of the Casalasco Tomato Consortium.

When we purchased the Pomì brand, in 2007, it took on board the values of the Casalasco Tomato Consortium: an integrated production and supply chain, traceability from the seed to the shelf, the guarantee of a sustainable product from both an environmental and ethical and social point of view”.

Pomì pursues all of this through:

  • sustainable farming practices,
  • low-impact industrial processes,
  • close attention to health aspects, guaranteed by the Quality System,
  • production processes that do not require the use of preservatives,
  • eco-compatible packaging.

Focus on the land

For Costantino Vaia, General Manager of the Consortium, “being part of a chain is extremely stimulating, and is one of the secrets of the success of Pomì products”.

We are sensitive to all aspects of the land, because we live in an integrated system. Our major asset, the source of our income is the land, so we’re good to it. The land is our home, the place we live, the place our families live”.

Being part of a company like this is undoubtedly something to be proud of, and it’s extremely stimulating for the future”.
Costantino Vaia