Do you want to know why Pomì is so good? We spent a whole day in the fields together with the agricultural manager Davide Rocca, here’s what he told us!

The Pomì tomato is cultivated in open countryside and alternated with other crops such as wheat, to maintain the richness and fertility of the soil. Looking after the red gold are many farmers who have always farmed tomatoes.

“The goodness of a finished product - explains Davide Rocca - is not just achieved through the process of transformation but, above all, it’s thanks to a good tomato at the start. We select the cultivars based on specific agronomic characteristics and specific sensory qualities. We do this together with our suppliers, the seed companies and those who produce the tomato, the farmers”.

The Agricultural Office follows the entire “tomato history”, from the field to the shelf, monitoring all the stages of the plant’s development: flowering, ripening, harvest, up to consignment at the processing plant, to ensure - alongside goodness and freshness - total transparency for the consumer.

The excellence of the tomato is guaranteed by the experience and expertise of the farmers, by cutting-edge agricultural techniques and sustainable agricultural practices.
The goodness of a finished product is the result of a synergy between farms, the Agricultural Office and a Quality System, that controls every single aspect of production.

Sustainable agriculture and GM-free varieties

Pomì tomatoes come from sustainable farming.
Only the best varieties are cultivated, selected and strictly GM free.
“To grow, tomatoes need to be protected but in a sustainable manner. - explains Rocca - We respect a strict production discipline and calculate the sustainability indexes at all the stages of production and processing of the tomato”.

Apart from looking after the crops, there is also a great deal of attention paid to the surrounding area: “On the land near to the tomato fields, we cultivate pollination varieties to increase biodiversity, looking after the eco-system and the land that needs to be productive but also healthy”.

Healthy and good, just like Pomì!