Pomì tomatoes are grown close to the processing plant by farmers of the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, the indefatigable driving force of the Pomì supply chain.

The heart of the Po Valley is home to 7,000 hectares of tomato vine fields. 
These are the lands of Consorzio Casalasco, which unites 370 farms with a single purpose: to sow, grow and process the best tomatoes ever.

Farmers, with their experience and passion, guarantee cultivation and respect for the land. They are nothing less than the guardians of a know-how, meticulously handed down from one generation to the next, within a 100% Italian supply chain, guaranteed in virtue of its remarkable shortness.

The distance separating fields from the processing plant is a mere 50 km.
In the words of Davide Rocca, Agronomy Manager at Pomì, "We work together every single day", when asked to explain the harmony between farmers and agronomists. Consorzio farmers are supported by Pomì agronomists from sowing to harvest, thanks to a relationship of trust which transcends strictly work-based interaction.

This value of transparency arrives straight to the consumer from a system of traceability of every single tomato processing step, from the hands of farmers, guaranteeing the genuineness of Pomì products which have a clear and simple origin: The infinite love of Consorzio farmers for tomato. 

Farmers with passion bring you a tomato straight from the heart