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Tomato is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, a nutritional model that highlights a precise lifestyle.

Raw, cooked or in pills, tomato has heart

Tomato is a cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet, a nutritional model that highlights a precise lifestyle. The ingredients of this diet revolve around products that became a symbol of wellbeing and health in the collective imagination: vegetables, legumes, fish, extra virgin olive oil.

In the Mediterranean basket, tomato plays a leading role, not only because it pairs with most of the culinary preparations - from starters to first courses, passing through side- dishes and second courses - but also because it is the most important ally of our health. Especially for the heart.

Few people know that our vegetable is particularly beneficial in its cooked version.
The tomato sauce, made with a light "soffritto" with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and onion contains vitamin C, carotenoids and over 40 substances useful to prevent heart disease and serious diseases such as cancer.

This is supported by researchers of the University of Barcelona in a study recently published in the Food Chemistry academic journal. The seasoning is effective because the ingredients that constitute it create, in unison, a heart-saving mix, which would not be so much effective if we could eat each individual element. But that is not all.

Tomato is so heart-friendly that a group of scholars at the Cambridge University thought of concentrating its properties into a pill with an intense red color.

The Tomato Pill was used to investigate mechanisms and preventive effects on the cardiovascular system: the testing, carried out on a group of healthy patients and another group of heart disease patients, showed that the function of blood vessels in patients with cardiovascular disease was improved thanks to administration of the tomato pill.



Healthy and Sustainable

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Healthy and Sustainable

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