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At Christmas be sure to avoid waste. Here's how to shop for ingredients in your kitchen! 

A sustainable Christmas: tips for a waste-free Christmas table

The festive season, packed with lunches and dinners with friends and family, is upon us. Be sure to avoid waste however!

According to data from the Italian Farmers' Confederation, 25 million tons of food go to waste in Italy every single year, thrown away without being eaten. The picture is even bleaker during the festive period, when food waste is rife, with 5% of all food served at lunches or dinners ending up in the bin, perfectly edible and thrown away due to a habit of serving immense portions.

All it takes is a little creativity and good will to create your very own menu using leftovers from a few dinners, transforming them into fantastic day-after lunches!

Here's how to shop for ingredients in your kitchen!

Waste-free finger food

The boiled meat platter is a classic feature at many Christmas tables. A favorite among adults, not so much so with children. Leftovers of this dish are perfect for preparing the anti-waste dish par excellence: meat balls. Fried or served with a delicate tomato sauce, you'll impress diners with how delicious they look and delight children, who will actually look forward to their meatballs next Christmas.

A luxury leftover

Gnocchi are a delicious and above all intelligent first course as you can use many recycled ingredients to make them. In this recipe, leftover vegetables from other dishes are used to create a light vegetable broth and Parmesan cheese crusts, a luxury leftover, become the protagonist of a flavorsome condiment which "dresses up" gnocchi… for the holidays!

Chuck it all in the pan

An array of meat cuts are always served at the festive table. All too often there are leftovers from these rich second courses. Here's a secret: cooked meat is even tastier the day after and is the perfect star ingredient for meat balls and creative condiments.
A truly original idea to give leftover meats a new lease of life: stew. This zero-waste chicken and guinea fowl chasseur version is mouth watering and elegant served in a special festive dish. The true surprise is how it evokes rural festive traditional flavor, making it a homely festive treat.

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