There is a lot of talk about detox, a purifying practice which eliminates toxins accumulated by the organism and which guarantees an overall improvement of physiological and mental functions.

Detox is a veritable gesture of health and its benefits were already recognized by Hippocrates back in 400 BC.
According to the world's first doctor, the arrival of spring is the perfect time to give this well-being ritual a try! 


Certain foods rich in preservatives along with environmental pollution mean that our body tends to accumulate toxins. Bloating, tiredness and irritability are our organism's way of telling us that it needs a little time out.

With spring, the circadian rhythm changes, the days become longer and temperatures are milder: there is an invitation for renewal. Just like the earth, our organs are also stimulated to experience a veritable rebirth. This is why the season is naturally perfect for taking some time out to detox.

Digestion, sleep quality, immune system functionality and energy levels all greatly benefit from a spring detox. But there's more. Even if we are used to perceiving detox as a strictly physical process, this mechanism actually involves the mind too, just like a holistic retreat.


Aware choices

Detox does not mean subjecting yourself to lengthy and forced fasts. You should never entirely eliminate solid foods, or entire categories of foodstuffs. The secret to favoring a purifying process is simplifying and lightening food, starting from you shopping list: choose fresh, seasonal foods which are free from preservatives, like Pomì products, so that you can stock up on vitamins and nutrients.

The beautiful season means that our dishes will be bursting with color. For that extra touch, opt for spices, aromatic herbs and lemon juice. It is important to remember that the purpose of a detox period isn't weight loss, rather it is about eliminating waste and toxic elements. You will feel lighter right away.

...what about juices?

To detox your organism you need to drink a lot and not just water. Enjoy some herbal tea or flavored mineral waters if you are looking for something more refreshing. Juices are also an excellent choice for stocking up on mineral salts and fibers. A word of caution however: they may result in a calorie and sugar overload so a good tip is to stick to the one part fruit - two part vegetable ratio.

How to cook

The purification process also relies on cooking methods. Ideally you should only opt for raw foods, which preserve all their nutritional properties. Its best to bake or steam cook. Olive oil should always be part of your diet: use it as a condiment, two spoonfuls a day are more than enough.

Mind and movement

A spring detox is also a way of reawakening your mind from winter hibernation. Integrating mindfulness in your daily routine is an excellent way to restore your body-mind balance. These exercises do require a little patience and discipline, but they are extremely useful for maintaining good habits acquired during the detox phase over time.

Make the most of gorgeous days by walking outdoors, to unleash endorphins and fight against feelings of stress typical of the change in season. Yoga, with its soft and fluid movements, is the perfect discipline for accompanying you during this moment of rebirth.

The time has come to blossom.