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Tagliatelle, queen of the table in the heart of Italy and highly appreciated throughout the country, is the fresh egg pasta rolled by hand!

I Love Tagliatelle!

Tagliatelle, queen of the table in the heart of Italy and highly appreciated throughout the country, is the fresh egg pasta rolled by hand!

Tagliatelle is a must in Italian cuisine, the traditional egg pasta made at home by grandmothers: economical, quick and healthy.
The recipe is very simple but requires some dexterity and a good result depends on selection of the ingredients: eggs and fine pastry flour, one for each 100 grams.

The secret lies in the kneading of the dough, an operation which takes 15/20 minutes in order to incorporate the air and get the right elasticity. The smooth round dough is then wrapped in plastic film or placed between two plates to keep it humid and then left to rest for 20/30 minutes.

Kneading is done on a pastry board sprinkled with flour to stop the dough from sticking.
The dough is rolled out to form a disc, then folded back on itself, rather like an accordion, and finally cut (tagliato in Italian) with a knife, which is why they are called “tagliatelle”.

The perfect size - 8 millimeters wide, 6/8 tenths of a millimeter thick – this size has been made official and lodged with the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna (1972), together with an example of tagliatelle made of gold.

A really easy ragout!

The recipe which is possibly the most popular in the world is “Tagliatelle al Ragù”. 
Variations on this theme however are numerous and are different in each region. 

In Romagna, for example, preparing ragout is a genuine ritual passed down from one generation to another and requires at least four hours. The recipe starts with onion, celery and carrot browned in extra virgin olive oil, then add fresh chopped bacon, ground beef, sausage and ground pork – simmer with red wine and finally add the tomato puree.
Surprise your guests with our recipe for Ragù Romagnolo!

If on the other hand you are vegetarian, we suggest a good sauce with fresh seasonal vegetables: pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan (make absolutely sure it is extra virgin) together with two cloves of garlic or an onion, leave them to brown before adding the chosen vegetables. When half cooked, add the Pomì organic tomato puree and cook for another 15 minutes.
Just taste the flavor!




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