POMÌ announces partnership with Corcos

POMÌ announces partnership with Gabriele Corcos

The NYT best-selling author, James Beard Award recipient and author of Extra Virgin show on the Cooking Channel, will walk us though the holiday season into spring 2017 with authentic Italian cooking ideas.  
Pomì is proud to announce a new, exciting partnership with Gabriele Corcos.
Italian chef, NYT best-selling author, recipient of prestigious culinary awards and author and star of “Extra Virgin” with his wife, actress Debi Mazar, Gabriele will showcase the versatility of our products in authentic Italian recipes, perfectly suited for the holiday season. 
Pomì places great emphasis on quality and sustainability and offers non-GMO products packed in BPA-free boxes
Most products are kosher and gluten-free certified and feature only one ingredient: tomatoes. 
“I’m very happy and honored by this opportunity. - says Gabriele - I literally grew up on Pomì. My mamma used it constantly, so I would know its smell anywhere!  She is the one that taught me everything I know about cooking and the importance of the right ingredients. And still today, Pomì is a staple in our kitchen. I hope everybody will enjoy the recipes”.
The recipes will feature most Pomì products, including our new Organic Strained and Organic Chopped tomatoes, and will consist of all courses, from appetizers to main courses to complete a full menu of tasty, comfort food. 
“Working with Gabriele is a great pleasure for us. We felt this was a natural choice for collaboration due to his attention for the best quality ingredients. Natural, fresh tasting and ready to use, Pomì makes fine cooking an even more satisfying experience”. - says Costantino Vaia, President of Pomì USA. “We hope to inspire our fans and friends with this new series of recipes and we invite you to try both our products and Gabriele’s recipes”.

Pomì strives to provide consumers with high quality Italian products.
On our website you can  you can trace them back to the farmers who grew our tomatoes (www.pomi.us.com/traceability) and find out more about our production. Gabriele’s recipes will also be available in a dedicated section of our website and on our social media platforms.  

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