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Are you looking for delicious appetizers with which to start your summer dinners? You are now served!

Stay all Summer with Pomì Ep.1 - Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres

Delicious when hot but just as good cold, but most of all practical, fast, versatile! They are appetizers and hors d’oeuvres perfect for the summer, which you can prepare in advance and enjoy later!

In this first episode of Stay all Summer with Pomì we’ll talk about those ideal appetizers that can be made hours before serving them, to be placed on the table when spending an evening with friends or with the family at dinner, in cases where everything must be organized in advance, or even at the last minute – these recipes are in fact also perfect when thawed and put together in a flash.

Are you looking for delicious appetizers with which to start your summer dinners? You are now served!

One bite leads to another

Do you ever open the bag of breadsticks thinking “... just one” only to find yourself moments later with just the empty bag in your hands? Well, you’re like us then, part of the one bite leads to another team, but for the summer aperitif we thought of a series of strictly homemade appetizers. Breadsticks, crackers, sandwiches, taralli, and small focacce... not forgetting the pizza snacks (also in the light version with zucchini!). The real secret of these appetizers is that you can prepare the dough of each one in advance and store it in the freezer. All it takes is for you to thaw them a few hours before your event and put them in the oven just enough the time to bake them, to have the aperitif ready!

Finger food

You don’t need cutlery for these treats! With finger food we can leave forks and knives in the drawer and savor everything with our hands... even better, in just one delicious morsel! In the first place, meatballs: savory – like those with olives and tomato – or more delicate ones – like those with a tuna base – undoubtedly super summery (don’t miss out on the Mykonos meatballs). And if you love the regional traditions, you can create an Italian culinary itinerary: from the cheesy Roman supplì, going south toward Sicily for the super tasty arancine!

The moment of the pie!

No, we haven’t gotten to the dessert just yet! But there’s always room for a pie, a savory one to enjoy at the start of the meal. The panorama of the appetizers simply cannot do without the emblem of conviviality and (why not) also of convenience (you make it in minutes and it’s a good solution for whatever you have handy in the pantry): the savory pie, ideal recipe for the summer appetizer. On the table, it is very impressive and it’s simply delicious even served cold! We at Pomì suggest three recipes:

We look forward to seeing you again in July for the second episode dedicated to First courses!
In the meantime, have a great summer!




Food Trends

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