Healthy and Sustainable


Earth Day is approaching! On 22 April, we celebrate saving the planet, but we know that we must work hard every day to protect the environment.

EARTH DAY, every day

Earth Day is approaching!
On 22 April, we celebrate saving the planet, but we know that we must work hard every day to protect the environment.

We are therefore revealing five very simple tips that can make all the difference!

Less consumption, more saving

Every appliance left on standby consumes more than we imagine. By turning off all devices and using energy-efficient light bulbs you are helping the environment while also saving money on your bill!

Recycle and reuse!

Sorting your recycling costs nothing and helps reduce our environmental impact. Also try to consume as little plastic as possible and opt for long-lasting products rather than disposable ones. Why not shop at vintage stores, for example? You will have a distinctive and eco-friendly style!

Water is a precious commodity!

Use it sparingly and without wasting it: for example, after washing vegetables, recycle it by watering plants and flowers.

Choose natural products

Use eco-friendly products for personal hygiene and household cleaning: this avoids polluting groundwater with chemical additives found in normal detergents. Have you ever tried using vinegar? It is an excellent and very affordable solution for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Also try to reduce your washing machine use and to hand-wash synthetic garments, which release unfilterable microplastics into the water.

Zero-km shopping

Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season from local producers: they are healthier, much tastier, and you reduce the environmental impact from transportation. Limit your consumption of meat and fish and most importantly... don’t throw away leftover food! There are numerous recovery recipes to experiment with!

We at Pomì would like to suggest a few. Join the Recovery Week Times team and contribute to the project by creating your own recovery dinner. Small gestures can make all the difference in the fight against food waste!

 Discover our anti-waste recipes and be inspired



Healthy and Sustainable

Freshness, color and taste: the Pomì tomato is the king of the summer

King of the summer table, the tomato – juicy and sweet – is the protagonist of Pomì canned tomatoes, which encapsulate all the aroma, color and taste of the summer.

Healthy and Sustainable

The smart way to describe a label

Choose a Pomì product and enter requested information to discover all the main steps of the supply chain used to create it. Discover the full story of a Pomì product, simply by reading the back of the tin.

Healthy and Sustainable

The Mediterranean diet, a diet of the past for the future

Representing the very best of Made in Italy. Unlike numerous fleeting trends, the simple and authentic Mediterranean diet confirms itself as one of the best, according to a host of studies.