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In the kitchen as in love, don’t take anything for granted!

Pasta with tomatoes: how to achieve perfection

In the kitchen as in love, don’t take anything for granted! 
A simple dish like pasta with tomatoes can be "lacking" in flavor or, on the contrary, be a triumph of emotions. Do not underestimate the steps of an apparently simple preparation and choose your ingredients with great care. 

"Simplicity is a form of true greatness", used to say Francesco De Sanctis, and we agree! 
To reach perfection all we need is: garlic or onion, tomato sauce, bronze-drawn durum wheat pasta, which is more porous and thus better suited to mix with the sauce.

Rules for perfect pasta 

The proportions. Typically, one liter of water is used for 100 grams of pasta.
Salt is added when the water reaches the boiling point, about 7 g per 100 g of pasta. In addition to giving flavor, salt also helps retainthe aromatic and nutritional elements of pasta.

Pasta Italian style is cooked "al dente"! Better and more digestible!
Once drained, it continues to cook, so it is better to remove it from the water when it has not yet fully cooked.

A delicious dish is all about the choice of ingredients. 
We recommend using fresh vegetables, organic tomato sauce and good extra virgin olive oil.

The sauce and the cooking of pasta

Slightly brown garlic or onion, according to taste, in extra virgin olive oil without frying. 
Remove the garlic and pour in the tomato sauce - we recommend Pomì organic strained tomatoes - add a hint of basil or other aromatic herbs.

To balance the acidity of the tomato, you can add a pinch of sugar during cooking. Lower the heat and continue to cook for another 15 minutes with the lid closed, so as to preserve the aromas. 
Taste to adjust both flavors and cooking time. Meanwhile, put a pot of water for the pasta to boil.

The sauce is ready. Put in the pasta!
The pasta must be immersed in already salted water as soon as it starts to boil, in order to allow for even cooking - right up to the heart of the pasta - and achieving the right flavor.

Drain the pasta "al dente" and keep aside a little bit of cooking water. 
It will be used for mixing to increase the amount of starch, creaminess of the dish and blending of flavors.

In the pan!

In a non-stick, wide and easy to handle pan, pour a bit of the sauce, place the pan over the heat and add the pasta just drained.
Add a hint of olive oil, the sauce, a little bit of the cooking water and sauté over high heat.

Hold the handle tight and - with rapid and sure movement - let the contents of the pan "jump", to flavor them without burning.
The addition of the cooking water increases the flavor of the sauce and sautéing in the pan blends harmoniously all the ingredients.

Now that you know all the secrets for a perfect pasta, test yourself with our recipe for Spaghetti Puttanesca!




Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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