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Details that make Pomì a 100% Italian product with 100% international excellence.

Pomì: Italian excellence abroad

When we talk about Made in Italy, we think of Italian excellence in the foreign market, especially in the food sector.

Like extra virgin olive oil and pasta, tomato purée has also gained recognition within the range of products that distinguish Italy internationally.

Pomì, which has been active in the main foreign markets for some time with its products – with major distribution in Germany, Austria, Russia, the Middle East, Lebanon, the UAE and the United States – has established itself as a true Italian Excellence Ambassador worldwide, a company that can satisfy discerning and demanding foreign consumers.

Because Made in Italy is above all a synonym of quality, of a product made in compliance with high quality standards, in terms of both raw materials and above all ethical and environmental sustainability.

And Pomì represents all-Italian production and especially a group of people – with a passion for cultivation, land and the environment – who work on a shared project that is rooted in the local area, but devoted to conveying and sharing its values worldwide: a love for the land that produces tomatoes of undeniable quality and total attention and sensitivity that comes from being first and foremost a family, not only a supply chain.

These are also the values that Pomì is committed to transferring and communicating abroad, values that have made it stand out on a global scale as an excellent Italian product.

It is not a simple business in the foreign market, in which Made in Italy has to often contend with counterfeiting and imitation. It is therefore important to inform and win over foreign consumers by telling them something about the product’s characteristics, its story, the supply chain and the work.

All details that make Pomì a 100% Italian product with 100% international excellence.



About Pomì

Happy Birthday Pomì!

In 1982, we presented our tasty and authentic Passata in the innovative cardboard Brik packaging.

About Pomì

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Highest quality, freshness and reliability: Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our Tomatoes.

About Pomì

Good, not just at Christmas

We’re all better at Christmas. But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas.