Barbecue Sauce


Barbecue Sauce


Barbecue Sauce

Difficulty: Easy

Preparation time: 10 min

Doses (16 people (25 g per portion))

  • Ingredients
    • Butter 40 g
    • Garlic 1 clove
    • Hot pepper 10 g
    • Mustard 50 g
    • Onion 80 g
    • Pepper to taste
    • Salt to taste
    • Tabasco Sauce as desired
    • Tomato concentrate 10 g
    • White vinegar 60 ml
    • Whole-cane sugar 50 g
    • Worcester sauce as desired

For this recipe we used:

Classic Sauce
250 g


Simmer minced garlic and onion in a pan, previously greasing it with butter. Pour the vinegar little by little and sauté the ingredients until they turn golden-brownish. Add Pomì strained tomatoes and tomato concentrate and blend them with mustard, hot pepper and sugar.
Cook until the sauce has thickened and season with Worcester and Tabasco sauce as desired. Filter the sauce and let it rest.