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Representing the very best of Made in Italy. Unlike numerous fleeting trends, the simple and authentic Mediterranean diet confirms itself as one of the best, according to a host of studies.

The Mediterranean diet, a diet of the past for the future

Even though lifestyles have changed over time, increasingly shifting away from traditions - the success of fast food as well as the excessive consumption of fizzy drinks and high-in-sugar products springs to mind, recent statistics are proof of a return to good old healthy eating habits, favoring the Mediterranean diet because it is rich in vegetables, grains, fish, pulses and unprocessed food in general.

The Mediterranean diet is alive and well

The Mediterranean diet is an ancient diet. Ancel Keys was the first to shed scientific light on its beneficial effects after living for over 40 years in Acciaroli, in the province of Salerno. Above all, it is a forward-looking diet because its cornerstones- good, simple, healthy and sustainable food - are central elements for anyone striving for a more aware, sustainable and long-lived future, coupled with a more active lifestyle and a return to concepts like simple conviviality and responsibility.

It is no coincidence that already in November 2010 the Mediterranean diet earned its place of honor in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

In 2019, U.S. News & World Report - globally renowned for its rankings, analyses, reports and consumer advice, appointed the Mediterranean diet as the best in the world, thanks to excellent results achieved in five categories: the prevention and treatment of diabetes, healthy eating, benefits for the heart, vegetable content and how easy it is to follow.

In line with a general trend of rediscovery of the Mediterranean diet, the lockdown further boosted the ascent of this lifestyle. The kitchen has made an official come-back as the focal point of the home, where food has reconquered the right amount of space, time and value. During this period of waiting, not only have we experimented with creative recipes, we have also become more discerning in the selection of ingredients - also with an eye to limiting waste. We have dusted off family recipes and rediscovered the right balance between flavor and well-being, at the table.

It is good for you and delicious!

It is not just the salubriousness of this diet that is winning palates over: its sheer variety and strong ties with Italian tradition means that the Mediterranean diet satisfies our search for well-being, without disappointing our desire for pure pleasure we wish to experience at the table, thanks to a wonderful selection of genuine and mouth-watering flavors. Bread pasta, fruit and vegetables, extra virgin oil and a good glass of wine at the table in moderation make the Mediterranean diet a delicious elixir of long life.

A new awareness acquired during these tough time opens out onto a wonderful perspective of young generations - Millennials and Generation Zs - being able to reconnect with the past, starting from conviviality at the table, just like their grandparents... Long live the Mediterranean diet!



Healthy and Sustainable

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