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When the vibrant flavours of the Middle East merge with Italian tomatoes and the culinary tradition of Italy, dishes are born that are nothing less than an ode to the harmony of tastes.

Italian taste meets the Middle East: recipes with Italian tomatoes

Indeed, the tomato represents Italian cuisine worldwide and is at the centre of this brilliant cultural fusion.

This article will guide you through how Pomì canned tomatoes are perfect in Middle Eastern recipes, creating unique dishes that celebrate the meeting of two rich and deeply rooted gastronomic cultures.

These recipes are just the beginning of a journey to discover how Italian tomatoes can enrich and innovate the Middle Eastern culinary tradition, creating dishes that are a bridge between cultures, histories and flavours.

Understand the distinction: Italian tomato passata and tomato paste

Tomato passata, like what is offered by Pomì, emerges from the processing of fresh tomatoes that are first stripped of their skin and seeds and then crushed. The result is a fine, uniform puree that retains the pure and distinctive flavour of fresh tomatoes.

On the other hand, tomato paste is obtained through a prolonged cooking process of the passata, during which water is evaporated to concentrate the flavours. This gives the finished product a thicker texture, darker colour and more intense flavour, making it ideal for enriching recipes with a deep, full flavour - especially when cooking for many people.

Recipes with Italian tomatoes

Rice kibbeh with Italian tomatoes

Rice kibbeh is a dish that embodies the essence of Middle Eastern cuisine, enriched by the sweetness and freshness of Italian tomatoes. Imagine a crispy crust of rice enclosing a soft heart of meat and spices, all bathed in a fresh tomato sauce that adds a touch of richness and complexity to the dish.

The recommended ingredient for this recipe is organic tomato passata.

Mutton curry.

The mutton curry is an intensely aromatic dish, made even more special by the addition of Italian tomato passata which balances the spicy flavours with its natural sweetness. Pomì tomato products mixed with traditional herbs and spices create an enveloping sauce that makes every bite of mutton an unforgettable experience.


Couscous, with its finesse and versatility, becomes the perfect canvas on which to paint with the bright colours of the tomato. Adding juicy and aromatic ingredients such as tomato to this North African cereal enriches the dish with notes of freshness and acidity, creating a perfect balance between the various ingredients. The tomato juice in this case, with its consistency, will make the dish perfect.

Kofta with aubergines and Italian tomatoes

La Aubergine kofta is a dish that speaks the language of welcoming and warmth. The addition of Italian tomatoes transforms the simplicity of meatballs and aubergines into a rich and layered culinary experience, where each bite reveals new nuances of flavour.

To enjoy this recipe to its full potential, we recommend the L+ tomato passata by Pomì.

Pasta with Italian tomato sauce: how to achieve an excellent result

In the culinary art, as in love, nothing must be taken for granted. The 100% Italian tomato from Pomì, if used with skill and respect, will enhance the taste and quality of a dish and turn it into a memorable experience.

Pasta with tomato sauce is the quintessence of Italian cuisine, a simple dish that, if prepared with care and attention, can turn into a true work of culinary art. Italian tomatoes, with their richness of flavour and the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, are essential for an excellent tomato sauce. By following these tips on how to prepare Italian-style pasta, you can ensure a result that will delight the palate and warm the heart.

Enrich your recipes with the Italian taste of Pomì!



Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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