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This last installation is dedicated to second courses, for a truly creative summer spread. Fish, meat and vegetables.

Stay all Summer with Pomì  Ep.3 Second dishes

From finger food in June, to the wonderful risottos and timbales of July, the arrival of August brings us to our third and final edition of our column (R)Estate con Pomì.

This last installation is dedicated to second courses, for a truly creative summer spread. Fish, meat and vegetables: there really is something for everyone! And as always, Pomì tomato seals the deal, with notes of freshness and color, for second courses on the August menu.

Prepare the ingredients, make room in the kitchen and be inspired by our recipes!

Mediterranean vibes

Summer is synonymous with sea, the beach and above all, fish based recipes, those containing genuine flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.
We have already served risottos and spaghetti with seafood...now the time has come to delve into second courses. Here, in 3 fresh recipes:

Dalla terra alla tavola From land to table

Summer is the perfect time to appreciate the fruits of the earth, bursting with color and flavor. Thanks to delicious pairings that make vegetables even more delicious: here are our tops for light and vegetarian dishes.

  • These spinach balls served in an excellent sauce are a vegetarian alternative to classic meat ones. Soft, delicious and simple to make, they will win you over thanks to the melted center and creamy sauce bursting with flavor. Be sure to have a nice loaf of bread to hand, because you'll mop up every last drop!
  • Perfect as a main course, peppers stuffed with rice and gorgonzola truly are a delicacy.. Peppers and gorgonzola are a match made in heaven: add some rice to make a delicious dish that is complete, flavorsome and nourishing! Creamy and flavorsome, they are also delicious served cold.
  • Vegetable curry is a creamy, spicy dish, rich in delicious and nourishing vegetables. We added a little fruit, for a combination with a truly explosive flavor! 

Flavors of the world

With the mid-August holidays approaching fast, are you thinking of celebrating with a classic barbecue with friends? This year we have created recipes with delicious meat cuts just for you, so that you can experiment with different cultures and influences. An occasion to put your palate to the test, with extraordinary flavors.

  • Let's start with Chicken Tajine, a recipe named after the special pan in which it is cooked: a typical terracotta container used in Morocco to exalt the flavor and aroma of food during cooking, as vapor rises towards the lid, only to condense and sink back down onto the chicken and vegetables.
  • Cardamom and curry together with Rustic Pomì puree enrich the Beef  Thareed recipe with an unmistakable oriental feel, a typical specialty served in Dubai on the most special of occasions.
  • Don't you just love meat skewers? We certainly do, which is why we recommend you try them like this! In this recipe for chicken skewers the delicious and versatile Jewish-Lebanese sauce hraimi is the real protagonist. According to temperature, once the skewers are ready, you can decide whether to serve them with the sauce hot or warm: in both cases they'll be delicious!

Ready to complete your summer menu?



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