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Our recipe to face the autumn with flavor? Soup, a dish that warms both tummy and heart.

Rustle up autumn with Pomì

Straight from peasant tradition, simple yet surprising, soup is a serving of warm spice and aromatic herb notes, grains and unusual pairings that make it the star of autumn evenings.

Light minestrone, nourishing and delicious pureed soups and creams. The sheer multitude of soup types makes it not just a comforting dish for autumn evenings, but vibrant in its colors, flavors and consistencies, as well as a smart idea that enables us to rustle a rich and filling meal up in no time at all.


As a dish of peasant origin, soup contains  simple ingredients; above all, vegetables are rigorously fresh and seasonal. Broccoli, carrots, cauliflowers, pumpkin, black cabbage, celery, spinach, potatoes, leeks and broccoli rabe, but also pulses, Jerusalem artichoke, mushrooms and chard. Autumn vegetables are a triumph of colors and flavors, perfect for a warm blend that lifts our spirits even on the glummest of days.

Serving suggestions

Simple and genuine, soup is so much more than just vegetables and is perfect with  grains. For an even more delicious and nourishing soup add some spelt, barley, buckwheat or quinoa. And what of the ability of soup to recover and transform left-overs? A slice of stale bread can be used to prepare some excellent pappa al pomodoro which over time has won over all kinds of palates due to its homely genuineness and exquisite flavor.


Thyme, sage or oregano. Mint, chives and cinnamon too.

One of the most creative attributes of soup  is the possibility to create a thousand pairings with herbs, spices and blends. Based on ingredients used to make the soup, we can add a vivacious touch or play with contrasting notes, by using ginger for example, like in our noodle soup recipe, a  delicious autumn dish with simple vegetables we all have at home and ginger as the ideal element for recreating an exotic flavor that takes us to far away places.

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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