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There's a whole world waiting to be discovered in the Italian summer.

Tasty Travel!

Dive where the water is even bluer – among cliffs, the salty sea air and sunsets… Take deep breaths while surrounded by stretches of crystal clear water, sweet and aromatic pine trees and mountains covered in flowers… Walk among the deserted alleys of a city, tracing back stories, art and tradition... there's a whole world waiting to be discovered in the Italian summer.

And if August is the month historically dedicated to travel, adventure and discovery (...or a moment of relaxation in any case), there is one thing that naturally goes hand in hand with the glimpses and landscapes of our Bel Paese: culinary traditions. A centuries-old historic and culinary heritage, passed down like a precious heirloom through the generations, and which never seizes to amaze us!

Noi di Pomì have thought up a special summer itinerary for Traveling through Italy (...with gusto), following a few typical recipes.

And no worries if you already have other destinations in mind! Here are some of our recipes you can prepare, because after all what could be more fun than traveling while comfortably seated at the table?

Here are 3 places to discover (and enjoy) during this hot Italian August!


Art and wine, architecture and hills. Tuscany is a trove of beauty set in enchanting naturalistic surroundings.
The inhabitants of this region have many things to be proud of, not least local cuisine, characterized by its sheer authenticity. From Pisa to Leghorn and Florence; from Siena to Pienza and Grosseto, great culinary tradition is on a par with art heritage. And if pappa al pomodoro is the Mona Lisa of Tuscan cuisine, then there's another recipe you simply cannot miss out on: gnudi!
In dialect Gnudo means nude, because this dish originates from tortello maremmano filling, freed from its pasta casing, to become a rich plate of peasant culture in its own right.

Why imprison a filling as delicious as ricotta cheese and spinach in a pasta shell? The Tuscans asked themselves. It is best savored alone, gnudo!” Said and done!



The Via Emilia crosses the land of Emilia Romagna, but it is so much more than a road leading from one end of this land to the other...think of it as a map brimming with treasures that accompanies you on a journey of discovery of the art this region is most renowned for in Italy and the rest of the world: cuisine. So varied, so rich and delicious that in 2020 even the famous Lonely Planet guide decided to dedicate an edition to the Emilia Romagna Region and its exquisite landscapes, art and above all, food.

Have we persuaded you to depart on your travels? Upload your favorite playlist, wind down the windows and hit the road to discover this delicious region... when you reach the Riviera, be sure to order a plate of passatelli (the broth-free summer version for your summer in Romagna!)


The blue sea, orange citrus fruits, the white fine sand. It is difficult to describe Sicily in one color. It is even more difficult to do so with a dish. Palermo, Trapani, Catania, Siracusa – it is impossible not to stop at every corner to admire and taste something: start with a granita and brioche breakfast followed by a classic cassata, and conclude with a delicious ricotta and chocolate cannolo pastry as a mid-afternoon snack.
Once all these sweet delicacies have tantalized your palate, you'll be ready to enjoy a recipe that is a veritable triumph of deliciousness: pasta alla Norma.

The name is said to originate from the famous Sicilian playwright Nino Martoglio, who upon being served a plate of pasta with tomato, salted ricotta, fried eggplant and basil, is said to have exclaimed “Chista è na vera Norma” (“This is a veritable Norma”), referring to an opera by Bellini. A small gastronomical masterpiece was born!

We propose a reinterpretation of this traditional Sicilian dish.

Ready to leave? Enjoy your travels!



Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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