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Giving voice to the farmers!

The history of our guaranteed and controlled tomato.

It all begins in 1982, when a company in the province of Parma who had specialized in processing tomatoes since the beginning of the century, and whose presence in the market dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century, applied for the first time ever, new production technologies for the packaging of Pomì tomato sauce.
In 2007 the brand Pomì and the plants that produce it are bought by Boschi Food & Beverage, a company of tomato processing with shares owned by Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro and the Consorzio Interregionale Ortofrutticoli C.I.O.
Pomì represents a model of food industry in line with the renewed nutritional needs and changes in taste, which favours, nutritional needs and changes in taste, which favours,through applied development research and technology transferred to food culture, the safeguard of quality products. The strong and direct link with the farming world and the land is one of the main elements of the Pomì‘s strength: only who can directly control the production, collection, processing and packaging is able to certify that the tomato is 100% of Italian origin.  Pomì comes directly from the fields of over 700 farms located in the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Cremona and Mantua, on average 50 km away from the factories and located right in the heart of the Italian Food Valley.

The 30-year myth

Born in response to new demands for a lifestyle whose pace was more and more frantic and compelling, Pomì provides the answer to the need for convenience, being innovative even in the pack: the first in a carton.

The arrival of Pomì changes habits acquired at home for generations, dramatically reducing preparation time and revolutionizing roles in the kitchen.

Modern, functional, new, tasty, healthy and genuine

The innovative image of the product is launched and expressed by an extremely effective slogan, able to become itself a myth. O così. O Pomì.

The rhyming is the brilliant intuition of Pirella & Göttsche agency, which has the task of launching Pomì in 1984. The choice is quickly a winning one: memorable, concise, strong, immediate, O così. O Pomì.

A slogan that marked an era

With the help of commercial TV, that boomed in those years, the slogan became part of everyday language: Drive In fans, the cult tv-show of the ’80s from Fininvest, no doubt remember the hit, repeated at each show, by the comedians of the program.

The slogan has become an icon

That’s how the strength of Pomì transcends that of his slogans, passes national borders and conquers, as a true star, a prominent place as a “performer” in films, comedies and moments of public life over the past three decades. In 1987 we find it in the film Wall Street by Oliver Stone, next to a beautiful Daryl Hannah. In the 90s, here it is a regular guest of Friends, the cult sitcom that launched Jennifer Aniston. 

Pomì is the reality of the facts without fiction and without additions.

Pomì‘s brand strength lies in its significant presence in the contemporary collective image for almost three decades, still very vivid and definite in its value of quality and naturalness. To this day it’s still a widely used expression, from everyday people to celebrities. O così. O Pomì. is, since the 80′s, synonymous with strength, clarity, transparency, openness and honesty.


Our advertising campaigns

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Pomì means controlled supply chain, traceability of tomatoes, sustainability of production and processing activities.

Tomatoes, as raw material grown by our farmers, come from selected seeds, cultivated in Parma, Piacenza, Cremona and Mantua regions. Pomì is the fruit of 100% Italian and GMO free tomatoes, in the respect of consumer safety and environmentally-friendly. Pomì brand reduces the impact of farming processes, managing irrigation activities in a smart way, saving up to 20% of water per year in comparison with standard practices, in compliance with integrated Pest management regulations in respect of Biodiversity.

Pomì team can quantify emissions of greenhouse gases generated during Lifecycle of the product and consumers can know and check the values by a claim on each package. Moreover, Pomì can guarantee to consumers the chance to trace the product from shelf up to the field where tomatoes were cultivated, by a new and exclusive traceability system called Pomitrace.

All the guarantees of a large group

Welfare is also working as a real integrated system: Pomì is a brand of Boschi Food & Beverage, an association of producers and processing industries of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, associated with 700 farms, 11,000 acres of tomato cultivated land and 750,000 tons of fresh tomatoes harvested and processed each year. cio Also part of CIO system is the Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro holding control and coordination of Boschi Food & Beverage SpA.

Our Values

Pomì is not just a brand or company image, Pomì is a repository of stories and people, the families of producers that every day, through the cooperatives they belong to, undertake to obtain high-quality tomatoes.


Pomì is correct, it doesn’t lie, it speaks in a direct manner.


Pomì believes in transparency of process and product. Through Pomì products you can read the history of the tomato and the territory it is born and processed in. To Pomì transparency is not just glass.


Pomì is what you see, adding nothing to the simple tomato.


Pomì, fully respects the basic criteria of sustainable agriculture: protection of the environment, its resources and eco-systems. Pomì springs from the earth and knows that respecting it is vital to maintain its quality and its future.


Pomì is current and modern without sacrificing tradition. Always at the forefront in the manufacturing and packaging of the product.


Pomì is a guaranteed product because the entire chain of processing is checked and certified by the individual elements in each step of the production chain.


Pomì is just tomato. Tomatoes are good. There’s nothing more to add.salsa di pomodoro.


Pomì operates in full compliance of work ethic and therefore it is very careful both to absolute regularity of all those operating within its supply chain and to the enhancement of its human resources.

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