We cultivate a sustainable future

Pomì is not only an Italian brand, a company that produces and sells tomatoes. It is a collection of stories and people, farmers that every day dedicate themselves to tomatoes, to bring to the table a product of the highest quality. In all production phases, for every single product, we calculate the sustainability indexes to guarantee a healthy, safe product and a sustainable future.

Carbon Footprint! What are we talking about?


Use and disposal of the packaging

Processing and packaging

Cultivation of the tomatoes

Pomì respects the environment and the territory. Since 2014, Pomì has adhered to the National Program for the Environmental Footprint, started by the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea. The Carbon Footprint measures the equivalent amount of CO2 for each product placed on the market, directly or indirectly linked to the product life cycle, from cultivation to processing, from distribution to the disposal of the packaging.

Pomì L+

The environmental profile

The contribution to the greenhouse effect deriving from the climate-altering gases emitted during the life cycle phases of the product, calculated for 1 kg of Pomì L+ tomato sauce (2 packs) and its packaging, is as follows.

Pomì L+

The product

Created solely with Italian tomatoes, natural and of the highest quality, Pomì L+ tomato sauce has innovative characteristics. In fact, it is a product that contains high quantities of lycopene, 50% more in comparison to the average tomato sauce obtained from traditional varieties of tomatoes.

Pomì L+ neutralizes the CO2 emissions

Pomì L+ tomato sauce KgCO2 equivalent %
Life cycle 1,234 100
Upstream 0,841 68,17
Core 0,328 26,59
Downstream 0,065 5,24

Pomì neutralizes the CO2 emissions associated with the production of Pomì L + tomato sauce by purchasing certified carbon credits and promoting a project aimed at installing stoves for cooking food in the rural areas of Siaya County in Kenya. This energy efficiency project is called COOKSTOVE and was certified Gold Standard. What are the benefits for the local communities? The installed stoves present a series of advantages: net decrease of open fires, less quantity of CO2 emitted and therefore a significant reduction of the produced pollution and finally less respiratory diseases for the local families.