15 min Easy

Recommended product

Recommended product

Tomato Juice 750ml

4 bicchieri piccoli

Pomì Tomato Juice is perfect to be enjoyed as is or together with delicious vegetable smoothies. For those who love drinks, Pomì Tomato Juice is a great base for a Bloody Mary, the famous cocktail-aperitif with vodka, lemon, Tabasco and a pinch of black pepper.

15 min
Ingredients for 4 people
Tomato Juice 750ml 4 bicchieri piccoli
Beef tartare 800 gr
Black olives to taste
Capers to taste
Egg yolks 4
Red onion 1

With a food mold create the beef tartare and place it at the center of the plate.
Add the following condiments as desired: a tablespoon of minced capers, a tablespoon of chopped black olives, a tablespoon of chopped red onion, an egg yolk, two lemon slices, and a dollop of Pomì Tomato Juice.
Season the tartare with all the condiments and... enjoy!