20 min Medium

Recommended product

Recommended product

Pomì Polpa di Pomodoro Biologica is a pulp sauce produced only with Italian organic tomatoes, healthy, fresh and perfectly ripe, processed immediately after harvesting. Excellent for pizza or pasta and to enhance the flavor of every fish-based dish.

20 min
Ingredients for 4 people
Organic Tomato Pulp 500g 500 gr
Basil to taste
Black olives 100 gr
Black pepper to taste
Butter 20 gr
Dry oregano to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil 20 gr
Garlic 1 clove
Large salt cured capers 10
Salt to taste
Sliced veal 600 gr

Cut in half the olives, rinse the capers to remove excess salt and set aside.
Place the meat between two sheets of baking paper and flatten it with a meat mallet. Add salt and pepper. In a pan, warm half the butter and brown half of the slices until they become golden. Set on a plate and then do the same with the other half of butter and meat. In the same pan, warm the oil, brown the garlic and remove it as soon as it begins to become golden.

Add the Pomì Organic Tomato pulp, olives and capers, a pinch of salt and let it flavor for one minute.
At this stage, combine the meat by immersing it well in the sauce, lower the heat and let it cook for five-seven minutes, making sure not to reduce the sauce too much. Place the scallops on a serving plate, add the sauce, sprinkle with plenty of oregano and garnish with some basil leaves.