90 min Medium

Recommended product

Recommended product

Pomì Polpa di Pomodoro Biologica is a pulp sauce produced only with Italian organic tomatoes, healthy, fresh and perfectly ripe, processed immediately after harvesting. Excellent for pizza or pasta and to enhance the flavor of every fish-based dish.

90 min
Preparation time
Ingredients for 4 people
Organic Tomato Pulp 500g 500 gr
Aromatic herbsto taste
Octopus1 kg
Polenta400 gr
Ricotta cheeseto taste
Water1 l

Prepare the octopus by cooking it in salted water with a tablespoon of red wine and aromatic herbs.
Once cooked, cut it into small pieces and keep it to marinade in olive oil and paprika.
Prepare a creamy polenta by cooking it first with water and then adding Pomì Organic Tomato pulp​.
When ready, grill the octopus and serve with flakes of dry ricotta and aromatic herbs.

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