15 min Easy

Recommended product

Recommended product

Pomì L+ 500g

500 ml

From Pomì research L+ was born: a new Tomato Sauce with innovative organoleptic characteristics, richer in lycopene. Lycopene, found in great quantities in tomatoes, in addition to being a pigment, and thus responsible for the red color, is a guarantee of natural density and fragrance. Pomì L+ is perfect to prepare any type of dish.

15 min
Ingredients for 2 people
Pomì L+ 500g 500 ml
to taste
to taste
to taste
Bread 10 oz.
Onion 1
Oregano to taste

Let sautée with celery and an onion finely chopped in a pan and add Pomì L+.
Let cook for about 10  minutes with salt and pepper and add a few basil leaves then blend everything with the foodprocessor until the cream is perfectly smooth.

Dice the bread and toast it in a pan with a thin layer of oil, adding plenty of oregano, salt and pepper.
Pour the cream in a bowl and add the crostini on top.