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In the culinary world, where flavours merge and traditions meet in the name of taste, recipes using the essence of the tomato represent our greatest passion. 

The best Arabic recipes with tomato puree

In the culinary world, where flavours merge and traditions meet in the name of taste, recipes using the essence of the tomato represent our greatest passion. And who better than Pomì to be your perfect ally in the kitchen? In fact, Pomì products offer 100% Italian tomatoes, ready to add a touch of genuine, intense goodness to every dish.

Each recipe presented here is a journey into Arabian flavours and traditions, but with a touch of the fresh and tasty Italian tomato thanks to Pomì passata. The use of fresh, quality ingredients combined with the richness of the puree turns each dish into a unique culinary experience. Whether for a family dinner or a special event, these Arabic recipes will delight everyone, bringing the best of the tradition to the table.

Today, we present five extraordinary Arab recipes featuring our beloved tomato puree. Finally, remember that tomato paste, although rich and tasty, never replaces puree, but enhances the flavour when cooking for many people. For each dish presented below, we therefore recommend using tomato puree for the best result in terms of consistency and flavour.

Koshari: traditional Egyptian dish

Koshari, a jewel of Egyptian cuisine, is a perfect example of how different elements can come together to create something delicious. Each ingredient in Koshari contributes its own uniqueness: lentils and chickpeas provide texture and protein richness, while pasta and rice bring a pleasant smoothness and balance.

The tomato puree, the beating heart of the recipe, blends perfectly with spices such as cumin and chilli, giving a full, enveloping flavour. Finally, dakka, with its combination of spices, adds an exotic note that elevates Koshari to a higher level, making it an unforgettable dish both for its history and taste.

Tunisian ojja: history, culture and taste

This dish, with its roots deeply embedded in Tunisian culinary tradition, is a perfect combination of fresh and lively ingredients. Shallots, garlic and chilli (or harissa) add a complexity of flavours that stimulates the palate. The addition of the eggs, which cook slowly in the sauce, enriches the dish by giving it a creamy and comforting texture, supported by the tomato puree. Tunisian ojja demonstrates how simple ingredients can create a dish rich in history, culture and, above all, an unmistakable taste.

Beef thareed: one of the most comforting recipes

Beef thareed is a dish that celebrates intense, rich flavours: in this recipe, the beef is slow-cooked until it becomes incredibly tender, almost melt-in-the-mouth tender. Vegetables such as carrots, courgettes, onions and peppers add variety and colour, as well as layers of flavour that brilliantly intertwine with the meat. The tomato puree plays a key role, acting as a binder that unites all the ingredients, enriching the dish with its deep, slightly sweet flavour.

The stale bread, added towards the end of cooking, collects the juices and flavours, creating a soft and tasty component that completes the dish. Among the many delicious Arabian recipes, Beef thareed is perfect for colder days and for a comforting family dinner.

Chicken in the Tajine: classic Moroccan recipe

Chicken in the Tajine captures the essence of Moroccan cuisine, where slow cooking and an abundance of spices play a key role. Prolonged cooking in the tajine, a special type of pot, allows the chicken's flavour to develop and intensify, absorbing spices and aromas.

The tomato puree, enriched with onion, Jerusalem artichokes, green chilli and ginger, creates a savoury and slightly spicy base, while smoked spices such as paprika and turmeric give it a unique depth. The black cabbage and black olives introduce a contrast of flavours and textures, for a final touch that makes the dish delicious and visually appealing.

Shakshuka: taste, nourishment and comfort

Shakshuka is a world-loved dish that encapsulates the tradition and distinctiveness of its Jewish origins. The combination of onion, garlic and tomatoes generates an aromatic and succulent base, while the addition of spices such as paprika and cumin brings warmth and depth. The addition of aubergines - optional - adds a creamy texture and slightly smoky flavour that goes perfectly with the crumbled feta, giving the dish a pleasant contrast of flavours.

The eggs, cooked directly in the tomato puree, enrich the dish both from a nutritional point of view and with the soft, enveloping texture. Shakshuka is a versatile and homey recipe, ideal for a special lunch or informal dinner: it can both warm up cold winter days and bring colour and cheer to a summer meal. The tomato puree, the central element of the recipe, binds the ingredients in a perfect balance of taste, nourishment and comfort.


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