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We’re all better at Christmas. But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas.

Good, not just at Christmas

We’re all better at Christmas. With their authentic taste and vibrant color, our preserves are ideal for Christmas dishes thanks to their versatility, which makes them suitable for the most varied and creative recipes:

  • Cubes, served plain, lend a touch of freshness to croutons and canapés for appetizers and tasty finger food.
  • Pulp is a practical and strategic ingredient for creating sauces and condiments, thickening their consistency, as well as for making roasts, meatloaf, ragùs and stews even more delicious.
  • Puree, with its delicate flavor and smooth texture, is ideal for complementing fish dishes and even Christmas cocktails.

But our goodness goes well beyond Christmas. We at Pomì are committed all year round, every day, to guaranteeing the best quality.

We have a simple recipe for goodness: just a few ingredients and a short supply chain - the fields of the Casalasco Consortium, from which we harvest fresh, ripe, sun-kissed tomatoes that are pampered for as long as it takes for them to reach perfect ripeness.

Moreover, as a large community, we work in the area by cultivating relationships – from the close collaboration with farmers and agronomists to the company’s relationship with consumers - in a careful, transparent manner, just like in the closest families.

This is why We at Pomì only select and harvest the best tomatoes and process them just enough to make them into pulp, puree or cubes - guardians of tomatoes’ natural goodness and sensory properties to complement festive recipes that pair with their deep red color.



About Pomì

Happy Birthday Pomì!

In 1982, we presented our tasty and authentic Passata in the innovative cardboard Brik packaging.

About Pomì

Pomì Trace: the guarantee of our quality

Highest quality, freshness and reliability: Pomì has always been committed to providing quality and flavor for you, with our Tomatoes.

About Pomì

Good manners in the field

This concept embraces the values of the short and clean Pomì supply chain, inspired by the zero kilometer principle: this is why tomatoes grown close to home are the primary ingredient of all our products.