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Convenient, time-saving, anti-waste. The "schiscetta" (packed lunch) has come back into the limelight in recent years, following the current trend of diets being healthy, sustainable and creative.

(Packed) lunch around the world

But the schiscetta is common practice in many parts of the world, each with its own characteristics: from the American lunch box to the Japanese bentobako, join us at Pomì on a journey around the world to discover the most peculiar packed lunches.


Much more than leftovers! 

In the beginning it was the workers who brought their own packed lunches to work, strictly prepared at home. This is how the schiscetta was born - a Milanese dialectal form, for which schisciare means to crush - according to some from the way in which packed lunches were packed in a jar, i.e. exerting a certain pressure to hermetically close the lid. For others it would instead recall the food itself that had to be crushed to get inside the container.

But beyond its origin, the schiscetta is back in vogue and has become a true culinary art, much more than the simple leftovers of the night before collected in bulk in a plastic container with a lid.

Preparing the schiscetta means playing with flavors, combining textures and mixing colors to create a meal that’s easy to transport and store, as well as being beautiful to uncover at lunchtime: a little effort, a lot of creativity and you're done.

Here we have collected the most beautiful schiscette from around the world... Why not prepare one to enjoy in the office?



Enjoy the scent of curry, cumin and other spices: introducing the tiffin carrier, the Indian schnitzel made of naan bread, rice, spiced meats, lentils with curry and vegetables.

The food is placed in traditional round metal containers - capable of retaining heat - stacked on top of each other. But the most characteristic thing of the packed lunch in India are the dabbawalas a real delivery service that picks up the lunch at home or at the restaurant and delivers it directly to the office.



An example of order and visual and nutritional balance, the Japanese bento box is divided into compartments where the food is placed in a perfect and calibrated composition: rice is the basis of the Japanese schiscetta but there are also cooked vegetables - sautéed or steamed - fish and meat to accompany it.



From high school cafeterias to offices, lunch Made in the USA is eaten in a lunch box. From the simple sandwich with peanut butter and jam, to the classic bagel to the healthy salad with chicken and avocado, the real protagonist is the container: colorful and illustrated, the lunch box becomes an accessory to communicate and express your personality.



Ready to try preparing a schiscetta by yourself? We recommend a few lunch-on-the-go recipes that don't sacrifice taste and nutrition!

  • Meatballs Have you ever had meatballs in the office? They’re convenient to eat, versatile and can become a finger food to share.
  • Savory pie A very clever and nourishing recipe. No need to heat it up, it's great even at room temperature.
  • Muffin A mouth-watering single-serving muffin that can be eaten wherever you are, muffins can also be prepared in advance, frozen and taken out of the freezer the night before so your lunch is always on hand.



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