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The Mediterranean diet is a healthy and tasty model of eating, in which the tomato plays a leading role.

The tomato and the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a healthy and tasty model of eating, in which the tomato plays a leading role. If you want to experiment with some recipes of this centuries-old culinary tradition, Pomì’s 100% Italian tomato offers all the quality and authenticity necessary to give life to delicious recipes. Its unique flavour, its freshness and its goodness bring the exquisite Italian taste to every dish!

The birth of the Mediterranean diet

The name “Mediterranean diet” comes from the geographical region of the Mediterranean, located in the heart of Europe, where this food tradition originates. The Mediterranean diet is, in fact, the result of the lifestyle and habits of the populations from this basin, and is characterised by a wide variety of foods coming mainly from plant sources, with particular attention to the use of olive oil as a source of healthy fats.

In the 50s Ancel Keys, an American nutritionist, noticed that the populations of the Mediterranean could count on a more solid health compared to that of Americans. This led to the hypothesis that the Mediterranean diet could increase longevity. Keys’ research culminated in the book “Eat well and stay well, the Mediterranean way” based on the study of the results of 12,000 people from different countries. And, starting in the 70s, the Mediterranean diet began to spread in the United States and the rest of the world.

What is the true Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is based on a series of characteristics that define its essence: its cardinal principles include the abundance of fresh and dried fruit, seasonal vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fish. Similarly, moderate consumption of dairy products, eggs and white meat is also an integral part of the rule, which also provides for a minimum intake of red meat.

The Mediterranean diet is also focused on the importance of proper hydration, and promotes the habit of drinking generous amounts of water. Finally, it is based on the intake of fresh and unprocessed foods, and invites one to keep the consumption of foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fats to a minimum.

In general, the typical foods of the Mediterranean diet are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. The presence, then, of foods with a high fibre content can be useful for maintaining a good functioning of the digestive system and thus contribute to weight control.

The food pyramid of the Mediterranean diet

The pyramid of the Mediterranean diet represents the idea of balance between different food groups. At the base of the pyramid are the foods to be consumed in greater quantity and with greater frequency. As you climb the pyramid, however, you should consume these foods less frequently: towards the top are foods high in refined sugars, fats and red meat.

The amount of meat in the Mediterranean diet is in fact moderate. White meats, such as chicken and turkey, are preferred over red meats, and fish is an important source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Cooking with Pomì: suggestions and ideas to try the taste of Mediterranean cuisine

Pomì products - 100% Italian pure tomato - blend perfectly with the Mediterranean diet. You can use our tomato purée, fine pulp or diced tomato to prepare a wide variety of dishes such as soups, sauces, pasta sauces, salads and much more.

The recipes listed offer a great variety of flavours and will appeal to those who love Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Here are some proposals that we can prepare:

  • Pasta del maresciallo: a classic of Italian cuisine that combines pasta, tomatoes, basil and cheese. It is a simple but tasty dish, perfect for those who love Mediterranean flavours and want to enjoy a first course rich in tradition.
  • Penne all’arrabbiata: a true icon of Italian cuisine. The penne are seasoned with a spicy sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, chilli pepper and olive oil. It is a perfect choice for those who love bold and spicy flavours.
  • Mediterranean stew of tomatoes and cauliflower: healthy and delicious option, combining the sweet taste of tomatoes with tender and aromatic cauliflower. The addition of Mediterranean herbs offers an explosion of fresh and nutritious flavours.
  • Italian-style vegetable skillet: this recipe highlights the goodness of fresh vegetables prepared in the Italian style. Excellent combination of colourful vegetables for a healthy and tasty side dish to serve with main courses.

The tomato is a key element in the Mediterranean diet: using Pomì products, fresh as if they had just been picked off the vine and 100% Italian, can enrich the dishes and make every meal a delicious experience. Get ready to experiment with Mediterranean recipes and enjoy these delicious delicacies whenever you wish.

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