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What culinary delights will we see in 2017? Each year brings new fashions and trends in the food business just like in every other sector

Food Trends 2017

What culinary delights will we see in 2017?
Each year brings new fashions and trends in the food business just like in every other sector, from design to fashion; some are longer lasting than others.

The general trend shows a positive move towards eco-friendly and healthy food
Let’s take a closer look to see what the 10 key trends will be according to the BBC Good Food experts!

#Taco fever
Regional and ethnic food continues to delight palates worldwide, offering authentic strongly characterized flavors such as Mexican Tacos and Tortillas from North to South. Sometimes, they are interpreted according to curious variations and new pairings such as fresh fish and citrus fruits, chocolate sauce or spicy ice cream.

#Low&No-alcohol Drinks
The trend to favor low alcohol or no-alcohol drinks is rising.
In the next 12 months we can expect a rich selection of alcohol-free drinks and cocktails.
Shot drink with turmeric, extracts and cold pressed juices and even drinks with activated charcoal.

#Sea Vegetables
The vegetarian and vegan diet have become very popular in recent years.
Veggies are no longer side-orders; they have become the protagonists of the dish and there are also “sea” vegetables.
A large variety of algae are used as the main ingredient, as snacks or to flavor dishes naturally.

One of the most popular trends are pickles and ferments made from cauliflower, the vegetable of the moment, which is very healthy, above all for the intestine.  At the restaurant, we can try foods like Kimchi, a Korean specialty with spices and fermented vegetables, Yucatan Pickles, vegetables fermented in rice vinegar according to the recipe of Yucatan, or Kombucha, a fermented drink made from a base of Chinese tea.

One of the buzzwords of 2017: Zero waste!
The trend is to minimize food waste, which has been welcomed by renowned restaurants and important food industries.
One such example is Rubies in the Rubble, the brand which has made sustainability its mission, producing quality foods using products, such as second class fruit, which would otherwise be discarded by the market.

In 2016, the trend to publish photos of dishes on social networks grew exponentially, specifically on Instagram and, above all, among those born between 1980 and 2000 (Millennials).
Foodmania is a widespread passion, even among older people, turning out to be a winner for all of 2017.

#SmartTech in the Kitchen
In addition to increasingly healthy food, domestic automation and sophisticated technologies are also entering our kitchens.
This can range from intelligent saucepans and a coffee machine which increases the dose of caffeine in case of a sleepless night, to decanting systems which protect wine from oxidation and allow it to be poured without removing the cork.

Perhaps not everyone will like the idea of eating insects, which is a common practice in many countries around the world and no secret to passionate travelers. And yet, multi-starred chef Heston Blumenthal, known as the “King of multi-sensorial cooking”, has ennobled it.
The idea behind this trend is to reduce the consumption of traditional protein sources such as red meat, in favor of more sustainable foods. 

Lisbon promises to be one of the must-see tourist destinations in 2017.
What can be said about Portuguese specialties? One of the best-loved are Portuguese Custard Tart or Pastéis de nata, cakes and pastries with cream that are all the rage, including in London, thanks to the creations of chef Nuno Mendes, who offers just as many savory and spicy specialties, made with a base of meat and salted-cod.

One of the latest trends, generated by new study and work habits, is to have several snacks throughout the day. Long sit-down breaks at the table have given way to eating small portions of food and healthy snacks with a low sugar and high protein content to keep hunger at bay.
In 2017, we will see a substantial increase in healthy homemade snacks



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