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Tomato sauce is a classic of Italian cuisine and, starting with the basic recipe made with sautéed onion and basil, this delicious sauce can give you unforgettable moments of flavor!

What to add to puree? The right sauce for every taste

Tomato sauces for every taste!

Tomato sauce is a classic of Italian cuisine and, starting with the basic recipe made with sautéed onion and basil, this delicious sauce can give you unforgettable moments of flavor!

So why not give the most classic Italian recipe a tasty twist with the addition of other ingredients for the ultimate delicacy for all palates?

If pasta is one of your favorite dishes and tomato sauce is still your favorite condiment, here are 14 tasty and easy-to-make tomato sauce variations!

Tomato sauces with Passata Rustica

Of the various types of tomato puree, Passata Rustica is the most homemade-style, evoking the authentic pleasure of rustic recipes, while retaining all the characteristics of fresh tomatoes, including skin and seeds. Its unique and distinctly homemade consistency of blanched, peeled and pureed fresh tomatoes leaves a tasty, very fine pulp that is great for preparing a number of very tasty recipes. Here are our three favorites below!

Sauce with tuna, olives and capers

Sauce with tuna, olives and capers is one of the tastiest and easiest condiments to pair with pasta. It is very fast to prepare: first, heat a generous splash of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan. Then add one garlic clove, one chili pepper and some chopped parsley and sauté. When the oil starts to sizzle, add Pomì Passata Rustica. Halfway through cooking, remove the garlic clove and add the capers and olives. A couple of minutes before turning off the heat, add the tuna and allow it to season. Delicious!

Sicilian-style pasta and ricotta cheese

For a fabulous summer dinner, why not prepare some tasty Sicilian-style black penne with goat ricotta cheese gratin? Its base is made with Passata Rustica and eggplant, while salted ricotta cheese should be added at the end. A guaranteed success!

Sausage and pea sauce

Another delicious traditional Sicilian pasta is Cavatieddi, a fresh pasta that is perfect for pairing with meat sauce because, due to its shape, it retains all the sauce. Try it with sausage and pea sauce and tell us how it turned out!

Tomato sauces with Passata Classica

Passata Classica is one of the most widely used ingredients in cooking. Convenient and quick, Pomì puree is ideal for preparing tasty recipes, perfectly pairing with many other ingredients. Its distinctive flavor and unmistakable fragrance make it a true staple of Mediterranean cuisine!

Zucchini sauce

Tomato gnocchi is certainly a favorite dish for young and old alike. But have you ever tried it with courgette sauce? Tasty, creamy and very easy to make, this is an outstanding dish!

Prawn sauce

If summer brings to mind fish sauces, have you thought of trying to combine Pomì Passata Classica with prawns? This sauce, which has an intense flavor that is never bland, will delight all your friends!

Amatriciana sauce

Straight from Roman tradition, Pomì Passata Classica meets pork cheek for an explosion of flavor in the classic amatriciana sauce. But don’t forget to garnish your dish with plenty of pecorino cheese!

Asparagus and pea sauce

Pasta with asparagus and pea sauce is a simple, healthy and authentic first course. This creamy and delicious pasta is super-easy to make and even children will love it!

Pizzaiola sauce

Pizzaiola sauce, as the name (‘pizzamaker’) suggests, can be traced back to the narrow streets of Naples. Its three ingredients – garlic, oregano and tomato puree – must be well-balanced so it is as similar as possible to the sauce created by Neapolitan pizzamakers. Try using it to season gnocchi – a real treat!

Broccoli sauce

Broccoli and tomato, a never-ending friendship! Cooked broccoli has a sweetish aftertaste, which pairs well with the taste of tomato. Broccoli sauce is perfect for fusilli for a simple, yet appetizing dish.

Sausage and bacon sauce

Sausage and bacon sauce for a truly delicious first course! If you then combine it with potato gnocchi, it is guaranteed to delight everyone who tastes it!

Vegetable sauce

A vegetable sauce is ideal for something light, yet delicious.  The beauty of this pairing is that you can choose as many types of vegetables as you like: the tomato will help bring all the different flavors together in a symphony of taste.

Sauces with Organic Tomato Puree

Why settle for a classic puree when you can enjoy an Organic Tomato Puree? Pomì’s Organic Tomato Puree is made from fresh, ripe tomatoes processed immediately after harvest. Exclusively produced with Italian organic tomatoes, it is bottled in glass, an environmentally friendly choice aimed at preserving the sensory properties of the tomato, conserving its fresh and genuine taste for a long time. Pomì tomato puree is an organic product made in a way that fully respects nature, while offering all the authentic taste of healthy ingredients grown in Italy.

Sauce with tomato and mozzarella cheese

When it comes to Neapolitan pizza, the combination of tomato + mozzarella is the one that best exemplifies the Campanian tradition. We also borrow paccheri from Campania, a type of pasta with a cylindrical shape very similar to rigatoni but larger, to make a tasty recipe: paccheri with tomato and mozzarella. Do you know the origin of this name? “Paccheri”, in Italian tradition, refers to a “pacca”, a friendly slap given with an open hand to greet or congratulate someone. This is why paccheri are also called “schiaffoni” (slaps) in Naples!

Tomato sauce with Taggiasca olive powder

The flavor of Taggiasca olives and extra virgin olive oil make this typical sauce from western Liguria unique and highly prized. Taggiasca olive and tomato are main ingredients in many traditional Ligurian dishes: so why not try the tomato and Taggiasca olive powder sauce to make some fantastic ricotta gnocchi?

Sauce with seitan amatriciana

Ever thought of making a seitan amatriciana? Seitan is an oriental, high-protein plant food made from the gluten of soft wheat or other grains. According to the traditional Japanese recipe, seitan is made by extracting gluten from wheat flour; it is then kneaded and boiled in water flavored with soy sauce, kombu seaweed, and other flavorings. Featuring a delicate flavor and soft texture, it is a very versatile food in cooking and nutritionally rich, especially because of its high protein content and low saturated fat content, making it a good substitute for meat.


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