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This year too, World Food Day will be celebrated on 16th October. 

World Food Day: the importance of making the most of left-overs by rustling up recipes the day after

This year too, World Food Day will be celebrated on 16th October. A day commemorating the foundation of the FAO - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, on 16th October 1945.

Above all, an occasion for taking stock of progress towards the achievement of Sustainable development targets which the United Nations has set for 2030, including ending world hunger, achieving food safety and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable nutrition.

“Our actions are our future”. The call to action presented on occasion of the 2018 edition was given a new impetus with the 2019 #ZeroHunger campaign, a message encouraging a change that is not only desirable, but truly possible and within everyone's reach.

Nations, governments, businesses, and individuals too. Everyone, based on their own possibilities, can cooperate to achieve this target, fundamental for our well-being and the environment.

Here's where we can start in our day-to-day lives:

#KMZero diet

Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, seeds and wholegrain foods. Choose unprocessed, local and seasonal ingredients: the golden rule for a more sustainable diet and lifestyle.

Labels #(almost)ZeroIngredients

Learning to read labels enables you to identify and avoid excessively refined and processed foods. Say no to foods with never-ending lists of ingredients; opt for products with short and clear labels, from which it is easy to recognize origin and processing. And don't forget these useful tips: "Use by" and "best before" dates don't mean the same thing, don't be fooled!

#ZeroWaste cuisine

The huge quantities of food we forget about in the fridge and throw away every day would be enough to feed many people. Buying and consuming strictly what we need is a first step towards cutting down on waste. You will also learn to make the most of what you have: don't snub left-overs, you'll be surprised just how many recipes you can make from them!

To ensure better nutrition for everyone, the rules are simple and common sense prevails: strive to waste less food, eat better, make healthy and sustainable choices.

Small but crucial choices for a #ZeroHunger future



Healthy and Sustainable

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