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There is no miraculous food that can promise eternal youth and beauty, but diet, lifestyle and behavior are essential to contrast ageing

5 steps to beautiful skin, nails and hair

There is no miraculous food that can promise eternal youth and beauty, but diet, lifestyle and behavior are essential to contrast ageing and appear toned and fresh. In addition, they form the essential basis for health.

Thick and shiny hair, strong nails, and radiant skin are no doubt signs of good habits and personal beauty care, but aesthetic efforts alone might not give the desired effects if they are not supported by a balanced and healthy diet.

Food is full of “beauty” nutrients and humans have taken advantage of these for thousands of years, by eating or applying them to the body. Today, we use products based on avocado, honey, olive oil, dog rose, rosemary and natural ingredients such as salt and tomato to make DIY masks and peeling.

Beauty comes from within

Confirmation of this comes from Cindy Williams –Master in Public Health Nutrition at the University of Queensland and a Dietician with 20 years of experience– and to conquer it and keep skin, hair and nails healthy you can follow 6 simple food rules.

1.  Protein
Keratin, collagen and elastin form, nourish and repair skin, nails and hair. They give elasticity and strength, repair stress-related damage and keep wrinkles at bay.
The protein need changes depending on the constitutional characteristics and physical activity – sedentary versus sport – so it is necessary to find the right personal balance and balance lean meat, low fat cheese, legumes, fish and eggs in the diet.

2. Essential fats
Omega 3 and omega 6 are considered “essential” for healthy skin; they help to strengthen the immune response and improve blood circulation.
These fats are contained in many foods, such as dried fruit, bluefish and salmon, walnuts and almonds which also provide vitamin B and vitamin E, essential for healthy nails and hair and recommended in the daily diet with vegetables high in antioxidants.

3. Iron
Iron shortage can result in pale skin complexion, irritability, brittle nails and hair.  Besides  supplying the  body with the energy it needs, it is also essential for beauty because it gives skin and hair vitality and shine.

It is usually introduced into the diet with red meat, which can be replaced with legumes and whole-wheat cereals. To increase the absorption of iron it is recommended to supplement the diet with fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C.

4. “Skin” vitamins
Oats, bran, wheat germ, muesli and other whole-wheat cereals are essential to facilitate intestinal transit and assimilation of vitamins and antioxidants. These foods protect the skin from inflammation and phenomena like dryness and flakiness.
In the diet, they are recommended together with yogurt, dried fruit, fresh fruit and vegetables particularly rich in vitamin C - kiwi and tomato for example -essential to give skin support and tone, encourage collagen production and prevent ageing.

Vitamin A is another essential ingredient for beautiful and healthy skin and hair and is particularly recommended against acne. It can be introduced into the diet with broccoli, cabbage, chicory, tomato, parsley, spinach and Savoy cabbage.

5. Flavonoids
Flavonoids are essential, above all in the hot season, since they protect from the damage of UV rays and encourage skin, nails and hair hydration.
Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis stimulates the circulation of flavonoids in the blood, carrying nutrients throughout the body. White, black and green tea is highly recommended in the diet alongside chocolate and red wine (one glass a day).



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