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Spicy tomato sauce is loved all over the world, as it is capable of giving life and character to any type of dish: from simple starters to meat dishes and, of course, Italian pasta recipes.

Spicy tomato sauce: how to make it at home with Pomì

And when you combine spicy South American chillies with the goodness of 100% Italian tomatoes, the result is a tasty, winning combination.

Homemade Mexican hot sauce for nachos and starters

By using the Pomì fine pulp, you can create an exceptional hot sauce that will make your dishes irresistible. Preparing Mexican salsa at home is actually very quick and easy - and this recipe is also very popular with Italians. It is the perfect sauce for all lovers of Mexican chilli and spicy cuisine.

As always, it is the tomato that makes all the difference! Put the fine Pomì pulp in a container and add the listed ingredients. Blend everything together and, voilà, you have a hot sauce ready to go with your dishes.

Ingredients for 250 grams of hot sauce

  • White wine vinegar: 1 teaspoon
  • Onion powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Coriander: half a teaspoon
  • Black pepper: half a teaspoon
  • Chilli: 1
  • Salt: half a teaspoon
  • Lime juice: 1
  • Tabasco (optional): half a teaspoon
  • Sugar: half a teaspoon

Penne all'arrabbiata: a journey into the heart of Italian taste

Penne all'arrabbiata is an authentic symbol of Roman cuisine and of the Italian culinary tradition in general. This recipe is simple to prepare but rich in flavour, so much so that it has won over the palates of millions of people around the world. So, what are the secrets behind this dish?

The term 'arrabbiata' in Italian means 'angry' and refers to the heat of the chilli pepper used in the sauce. The name is said to have originated as a joke among Roman taverns, where someone, after tasting the dish, exclaimed that it was an 'angry' dish because it was so hot. The combination of the chilli and tomato represents the perfect fusion of the pungent and the sweet, providing a tasty and balanced culinary experience.

Chilli con carne with beans: a spicy sauce with diced tomato

Chilli con carne with beans is another dish that benefits from the goodness of hot sauce. Originating in Texas, but with roots extending beyond the Mexican border, chilli con carne is a dish universally recognised for its goodness and distinctive flavour. The combination of meat, beans, spices and, of course, chilli makes it a hearty and tasty dish.

Tomatoes play a crucial role in creating a balanced chilli: they add depth and sweetness, counteracting the hot spices and chilli. Using Pomì diced tomatoes gives the recipe a rustic texture and a delicious flavour, making each bite of chilli a complete taste experience.

Spicy tomato sauce in Italian cuisine: facts and traditions

When we think of hot sauce, we are immediately drawn towards the bold flavours of Mexico - or the spicy dishes in Asia. However, Italy's rich culinary tradition has been able to embrace the warmth of chilli, incorporating it into many of its tomato-based preparations.

Chilli peppers were actually introduced to Europe after Christopher Columbus' arrival on the American continent. And, despite originating in the New World, the chilli pepper has found fertile ground in Southern Italy, particularly in regions such as Calabria and Campania, where it has become a key ingredient in many typical recipes, becoming part of the local cuisine and tradition.

According to the Scoville Scale, which measures the pungency of chillies, the 'Calabrian chilli' is quite hot - but less fiery than some South American or Asian varieties.

Pomì is your essential companion in the kitchen for every spicy dish.

When it comes to preparing spicy dishes, Pomì is the secret must-have ingredient for your kitchen. With its range of high-quality tomato products, Pomì ensures that every dish tastes authentic and delicious, balancing the flavours in every recipe with its aroma. The combination of the spiciness of South America and the rich flavour of Italian tomatoes is simply irresistible!

Unleash your imagination in the kitchen with Pomì!



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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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