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The basic steps to head to the beach worry-free!  

Getting ready for the Bikini Test

The basic steps to head to the beach worry-free!

The period before heading out to beach can be stressful, especially for those who were lazy and literally imitated Oscar Wilde, giving in to all kinds of temptations. 

The situation can become tragicomic: exhausting gym sessions, crazy diets, compulsive use of creams and massages, last-minute paranormal remedies. 

Don't panic! To reshape your silhouette you just need consistency: a good daily routine made of new positive habits and a few small sacrifices. 
The road is not downhill, but you will enjoy lasting effects and - perhaps - even improve your lifestyle!

Get up early!

The first good habit is to get up early! 
Early risers are leaner and more serene (as demonstrated by studies on anxiety and stress); they have extra time to devote to themselves and no excuse to skip breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day for a balanced diet.

Morning Detox! 

Add a glass of water at room temperature with the juice of half a lemon to your morning routine, and drink it on an empty stomach. 
Lemon is alkaline and helps in removing toxins and re-balancing pH levels. It purifies the liver, stimulates diuresis, digestion and the immune system, moisturizes the lymphatic system and is good for the skin thanks to its high content of vitamin C. 

Get going with Fitwalking!

After successfully conquering the first step, you can treat yourself to a brisk 30 minute walk early in the morning, to awaken the body and reactivate the metabolism.
This practice will be beneficial to your silhouette, but also to your ability to focus and to your general well-being because it regenerates, frees the mind and promotes the connection between mind and body.

Healthy and varied nutrition!

The general rule of thumb to be infringed only during weekend is: fewer carbohydrates, more fiber and smaller portions.
Choose a varied diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You can make full use of the recipes of the Mediterranean Diet, which are among the healthiest and most balanced ones. 

Aerobic physical activity!

Physical activity must be regular and not too intense. 
Your exercise plan must include aerobic sports: walking at a brisk pace reactivates micro-circulation and releases endorphins; water sports such as aquagym, swimming and hydrobiking firm up and oxygenate the tissues; Nordic walking tones up the muscles and burns calories. 

Natural exfoliation... dry!

Before showering, massage the body with a natural exfoliating sponge with gentle movements from bottom to top.
It will help to remove dead cells, stimulate lymphatic fluid and circulation, reducing the orange peel effect.
Wash and dry the sponge carefully after each use.

Don't drink alcohol!

Put aside alcoholic drinks, carbonated beverages and sweetened coffee. If at the aperitif time this puts you to the test, opt for a Bloody Mary Light, fresh, tasty and absolutely cool, or pure tomato juiceantioxidant, purifying and draining. It stops hunger, counteracts free radicals and is good for the skin, thanks to its alkaline nature, high content of minerals and vitamins, especially C.



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