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Which foods are healthy? The question could sound trivial, and yet the answer is anything but given.

How to juggle the selection of health foods

Which foods are healthy? The question could sound trivial, and yet the answer is anything but given.
This has been proven by a survey of Morning Consult conducted by hundreds of Nutritionists of the American Society for Nutrition, which was then extended to the public. 
Its outcome is surprising.

Alongside the foods universally recognized as “healthy”, such as apples, oranges, oats and cabbage, or “unhealthy”, such as hamburgers and fizzy drinks, there is an in-between range of foods that reveal a variety of opinions, even among the experts, but above all between Nutritionists and the public. 

The majority of Nutritionists agree, for example, that humus, quinoa, tofu, shrimps, sushi and red wine are healthy.
The public are less convinced about the properties of these foods, they regard as "healthy” foods those which Nutritionists consider debatable, like slim fast drinks and coconut oil, because they are sugar free.

The Food and Drugs Administration has also addressed the theme of sugars.
It has decided to introduce the specification on additional sugars and sugars which are naturally contained in the foods on the new labeling. This should make things clearer for the consumer.

How then do we juggle the selection of healthy foods?

To be on the safe side, take your pick from the rich basket of the Mediterranean Diet, considered among the most popular healthy nutritional regimens by 25% of the Nutritionists interviewed in the survey.

The majority of them agree that, in a balanced diet, there should be no need for restrictions or special rules, but rather common sense in terms of nutrition.

If health passes through food, healthy eating passes through the awareness and knowledge of balanced nutrition. 

This is our contribution to your healthy eating.



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