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Rigatoni is a characteristic dish of central and southern Italy. 

I Love Rigatoni

Rigatoni is a characteristic dish of central and southern Italy

This short pasta is obtained from durum wheat semolina similar to Maccheroni and with  distinctive ridges on its surface making it particularly good at absorbing sauces.
These are formed due to bronze drawing and give the pasta its name, Rigatoni (large-ridged pasta).

Loved and appreciated worldwide, Rigatoni satisfies the throat and is also good for the spirit!
Thanks to starch, pasta helps to free glucose and stimulate the synthesis of serotonin, better known as good humor hormone!

Rigatoni in the kitchen

Rigatoni is a classic Roman dish.
One of the best known recipes is Rigatoni con la Pajata o pagliata, a dish which is born from the peasant tradition and diffused in the Testaccio district in Rome. 

In the ancient slaughterhouse, now a Contemporary Art Museum (MACRO Testaccio), the Scortichini who slaughtered the animals received a modest salary, compensated by the meat waste.
With this poor loot in hand, the Scortichini would go to the Taverns of Testaccio, where the Pajata recipe was put together.

From ‘peasant dish’ the Pajata has become one of the must-have dishes of Roman cuisine, and is also appreciated by refined palates, in particular Rigatoni with Pajata. Today, the recipe requires the use of beef intestine, bacon, flavors (garlic, onion, celery and carrots) and tomato sauce, parsley and grated pecorino cheese.

A good plate of Rigatoni is easy to prepare and requires just a few ingredients.
This is the great thing about Pasta!
To enhance its goodness all you need is tomato, basil, an onion or a few cloves of garlic, depending on taste!

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Rigatoni & Cinema

Rigatoni has become a protagonist on television with an ad shot by one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Federico Fellini.
It is one of his very few creations in the advertising sector, for which he always showed some reserve.
"Don’t interrupt an emotion", he said about ad breaks at the cinema.

“High Society” by Federico Fellini was shot for Barilla in 1985.
Ennio Guarnieri worked on photography, Danilo Donati on set design and Nino Rota on music.
It uses the theme of “La Dolce Vita” arranged by a young Nicola Piovani.

The stars of the ad, Greta Vaian and Maurizio Mauri, are tempted by a gourmand menu; the beautiful high society lady prefers pasta to the elaborate French cuisine, simply uttering the word… Rigatoni!

Thanks to the National Industrial Film Archive we can appreciate it in its original version with off-screen comments from Federico Fellini! 

We love Rigatoni!
Do You?



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