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Among stuffed pasta, they are the smallest: meet Tortellini!

I Love Tortellini

Among stuffed pasta, they are the smallest: meet Tortellini!

The source is always the same, fresh pasta rolled with a rolling pin. A basic preparation of two single ingredients (eggs and flour) that has given life to a kaleidescope of variations and flavors. 

As it often happens with excellence, their origin is contested between Bologna, Castelfranco Emilia and Modena, and the story is lost in myths and legends that Giorgio Maioli and Giancarlo Roversi have retraced in the book "Sua Maestà il Tortellino" (Re Enzo Editrice, 1993).

It is certain that Bologna-style Tortellini are the most famous in the world.

The original recipe was filed, complete with a deed, at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce in 1974, protected by the Brotherhood of the Tortellino and the Bologna delegation of the Italian Academy of Cooking.

Regarding the shape, everyone is in agreement! 

It is inspired by a woman's belly button.

Tortellini curiosities!

According to one of the many legends, tortellini were born at the Osteria "Corona" in Castelfranco Emilia. Enamored of a beautiful and young Marquise, the innkeeper had spied her in the nude, then recreated in the kitchen the first tortellini in history: a small navel of stuffed puff pastry.

The scene is recreated by the bronze sculpture il Tortellino, created by Gianni Ferrari, which stands in Aldo Moro square in Castelfranco Emilia.

Tortellini at the movies!

In the Emilia region of the '30s, depicted by Pupi Avanti in "Storia di ragazzi e di ragazze", the family destinies of a betrothed couple intertwine: Silvia's wealthy farming family and Angelo's bourgeois family.

Tradition requires the families to get to know each other at the table, at a dinner with 20 courses, where food becomes an occasion for conflicts and conversation, a mirror of the diversity of the two families that will find a perfect understanding in front of a tasty plate of tortellini!

Tortellini and...

At the historic Rome-based Cesarina restaurant - today Al 59 - you will find in the menu "The Master's Tortellini", dedicated to Federico Fellini, served in broth with a shot of whiskey.

If you prefer dry tortellini, we suggest enhancing the flavor and texture with the classic Bologna style ragout prepared with our Organic Chopped Tomatoes!

We Love Tortellini!
And you?



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