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Among fresh vegetables, the tomato is truly worthy of an Oscar!

When a tomato is worthy of an Oscar

Among fresh vegetables, the tomato is truly worthy of an Oscar!
We know a thing or two about it. Just one tomato contains many nutrients, substances beneficial to health, water, minerals, vitamins and low calories.

The tomato is good for the heart and reinforces the immune system, thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin C.
Two ripe tomatoes (200 gr) have 50 mg of Vitamin C, 
five more than the amount the World Health Organization recommends!
 And what about tomato sauce? You just need 100 gr to charge up with 43 mg of Vitamin C.

It helps the digestive tract, it is a natural diuretic, it is good both for the intestine and eyesight, because it is rich in water, plant fiber, beta-carotene and lutein. It helps keep cholesterol levels healthy, protects from free radicals and is anti-aging thanks to Lycopene, a natural anti-oxidant that (amazingly!) is even easier to absorb in tomato sauce form!

The tomato is worthy of an Oscar also at the movies.

After the success of the movie “The Martian” by Ridley Scott - 2016 Oscar winner - a new type of tomato, called “solanum watney” was born, dedicated to the protagonist Mark Watney, the astronaut that survives on the Red Planet thanks to his passion for botany.

The tribute is an idea of Chris Martine, a Biologist at Bucknell University in the United States.
The scientist discovered this species during an excursion in Judbarra/Gregory National Park, a rather dry area of North Australia that probably reminded him of the desert planet in which Mark Watney tried to grow vegetables.

Andy Weir - the author of the book “The Martian” on which the film is based - reacted with enthusiasm with a post on Facebook: "There could be no better honor for a botanist like Watney."



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