30 min Medium

Recommended product

Recommended product

From Pomì research L+ was born: a new Tomato Sauce with innovative organoleptic characteristics, richer in lycopene. Lycopene, found in great quantities in tomatoes, in addition to being a pigment, and thus responsible for the red color, is a guarantee of natural density and fragrance. Pomì L+ is perfect to prepare any type of dish.

30 min
Ingredients for 2 people
Pomì L+ 500g 100 g
Clams 100 g
Couscous* 160 g
EVO oil to taste
Fresh chilli pepper to taste
Garlic 1 clove
Lemon zest to taste
Mussels 200 g
Pepper to taste
Prawns 200 gr
Salt to taste
Thyme to taste
  1. Thoroughly clean the fish; in a pan, brown the garlic, chilli pepper and the zest of one lemon in some extra virgin oil.
  2. Add the mussels and the clams, cover with a lid until the shells open.
  3. Drain the resulting broth and remove the mussels from the shells.
  4. Place the filtered broth in a small pot on a high flame, add the couscous, leave to cook and add the tomato juice and water if necessary.
  5. 2 minutes before finishing cooking, add the prawns; once cooked, stir in some extra virgin oil, the lemon zest and some fresh thyme.