Pizzaiola seitan Escalopes


Pizzaiola seitan Escalopes


Pizzaiola seitan Escalopes

Difficulty: Medium

Preparation time: 15 min

Doses (4 people (380 g))

  • Ingredients
    • Fresh Seitan 8 escalopes or 720 g
    • Mozzarella 2 x 100 g
    • Sweet Potatoes 400 g

For this recipe we used:

Passata Rustica
200 g


Sauté the seitan in an oiled non-stick pan and let it turn to a golden-brownish colour, then place it on an oven tray (before lay oven paper on it) and dress with cooked Pomì finely chopped tomatoes and some Mozzarella cubes.
Finely slice the potatoes, put them on an oven tray with Extra Virgin Olive (EVO) Oil, salt and pepper and cook them for 20 minutes at 180°. When the first 10 minutes have passed you can put also the seitan tray in the oven, finally having both the trays ready.
Serve with some thyme leaves and raw EVO oil.