4 min Medium

Recommended product

Recommended product

Rustic Sauce 700g

500 gr

It has a homemade feel, reminding of the authentic pleasure of the rural recipes because it maintains all the characteristics of fresh tomatoes, including peel and seeds. The unique and typically homemade texture of fresh tomatoes, roasted, peeled and strained leaving a delicious and very fine pulp great for sauces, pizzas and bruschette or as a base for more traditional recipes.

4 min
Preparation time
Ingredients for 4 people
Rustic Sauce 700g500 gr
Basilto taste
Black pepperto taste
Bread crumbsq.b.
Brotheight cups
Extra-Virgin Olive Oilto taste
Ground Beef Mix12 oz.
Rice1.1 lbs.
Saltto taste
White wine1 glass

First, prepare the ragout sauce by sautéeing the chopped onion, carrots and celery and adding them to a pan with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil. Once the vegetables are well sautée, add the beef, cooking it well, then the salt and pepper.
Add Pomì Rustic Sauce and let cook for 4 hours at very low heat, from time to time increasing the heat.

Cook the rice by letting it absorb the water in the pot, then prepare the onion-base and let it fry lightly. Once sautéed, add the rice and deglaze it with white wine while hot, let the wine evaporate and add the broth until fully cooked and dry.
Let it cool then place a small amount of rice on the palm of your hand, flatten it evenly and place a dollop of ragout at the center.

Wrap the rice around it forming small Rice Balls with the ragout in the middle and rice all around it.
Place the arancini first in the beaten egg with salt and pepper, then in the bread crumbs with salt and pepper.

Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 400° F

Deep-fry the arancini in frying oil, drain them on a kitchen towel.
Serve along with classic tomato sauce, prepared previously.