The freshness and goodness of Pomì products
are guaranteed by three simple elements

The freshness and goodness of Pomì products ​are guaranteed by three simple elements: a short supply chain, excellent processing practices and heat pasteurisation, which removes the need for preservatives.

Since 1982, Pomì has been synonymous with Italian tomato, with its simple, genuine flavour guaranteed by the extremely short supply chain and the fact the tomatoes are grown directly by the companies that form part of the Casalasco Tomato Consortium.

The tomatoes are grown near the factories.
This allows our Agronomists to work in close contact with the Farmers, and to constantly monitor the various growth stages. It also allows our Technicians to work on the product just hours after it is picked, without lengthy transport that would be detrimental to freshness and quality.

Our tomatoes are processed when they’re extra-fresh. 
This allows us to maintain the characteristics and flavour of the freshly picked fruit.

The genuine, fresh flavour is preserved thanks to the use of the finest processing techniques, controlled by a Quality System that oversees every stage of the process – from entrance to the factory through to packing – in order to guarantee our Consumers a top-quality product: healthy, safe, tasty and fragrant.

No preservatives are ever added to the product, which is simply pasteurised using a heat treatment similar to the type used to prepare home-made jams and vegetable preserves, but using much more effective, carefully controlled machines able to offer better results from the point of view of the safety of the product that reaches our table.

Pomì. How Goodness is preserved!