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September is the right time for resolutions, especially those for improving your health.

September in full health

September marks a return to normality. Back to school and work we go, it almost feels like the start of a new year, as though it were January.

We are well-rested and can still enjoy those sunny September days, which boost our energy levels and mood. So let's not give in to those post-holiday blues: the time has come for a fresh and healthy start:  ride the wave of holiday positivity and set off on the right foot, with resolutions that make us feel better - physically and mentally.

We have devised a strategy for an active return to normality! What better starting point than a to-do list of aims.

Lists are useful tools – for planning your weekly food shopping in a smart way or for organizing anti-waste cuisine and in this case too, setting out your aims in black and white is a smart way for us not to lose positivity, as well as a useful tool for organizing the months ahead.

A few tips for preparing your list

  • Find your personal motivation | Start by asking yourself this question: why do you want to improve your everyday lifestyle? Finding your very own personal reason why is crucial for not becoming disheartened if you experience any difficulties along the way...
  • Set yourself clear objectives | ... while we're on the topic of paths. Beware of everything now. Achieving all results fast is unrealistic and above all, unhealthy, because all you're doing is burdening your body and mind with stress. Assess your current lifestyle and introduce changes that are small but doable.
  • Establish a simple routine | No starvation diets or Triathlon training. You run the risk, or rather the certainty of throwing in the towel pretty fast. Organize yourself according to your classic routine, which as always will be a question of reconciling work hours and commitments, and then make adjustments, gradually. Even if they are small, they can still make all the difference!

Here are two simple tips you can consider for your to-do list:

Sleep makes you beautiful

The quality and quantity of sleep is important – or rather fundamental – for mental and physical health: 8 hours of sleep at night will make you beautiful and healthy. It is recommended that you go to bed before midnight and at least an hour and a half after dinner. Opt for light dishes for your dinner, like a fresh gazpacho with its summery vibes!


This is the rule you should follow for a healthier diet: three main meals, with two snacks – mid morning and mid afternoon. Say no to prolonged periods of fasting, as you risk stressing your body. Seasonal products come to our rescue, providing us with many alternative antioxidants.
You can start with a detox breakfast with Greek yogurt, a handful of bilberries with antioxidant properties, perfect for stimulating the metabolism, improving blood pressure and the flow of liquids, and a spoon of linseed (rich in fiber and omega 3)
For lunch opt for some artichokes: they have diuretic properties, help us to get rid of toxins and purify the gut.
For dinner, prepare a beetroot gazpacho, rich in antioxidants, minerals, including magnesium, zinc and iron, and vitamins (B3, B6 and C).And our favorite recipe for a snack is the tomato, cucumber and celery beverage, easy and quick to make. Cucumbers are rich in water and stimulate the liver, kidneys and gut to cleanse the body.

Extra tip!

Ever thought of trying a vegetarian diet? A protective and preventive approach against inflammation, without compromising on flavor! 



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