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King of the summer table, the tomato – juicy and sweet – is the protagonist of Pomì canned tomatoes, which encapsulate all the aroma, color and taste of the summer.

Freshness, color and taste: the Pomì tomato is the king of the summer

Summer is just around the corner.

We start to feel the change of season in the air, but also at the table. String beans, peas and asparagus make way for more summery products like zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers: ideal to toss in the frying pan but also combined in fresh salads, accompanying pasta or cereals, in omelets, casseroles or with dips...

After spring, a new breath of freshness, lightness and color.

And what color makes you think of summer the most?

Red, in its thousand shades, stands out above them all! Red is the color of the hot sun that warms the skin, of the cherries on trees, but especially, of the tomato.

The one that grows abundantly in our fields, the one that precisely in the hottest months of the year unleashes a unique aroma and best expresses its sensory characteristics, the one that is reaching its full maturity, almost ready to be harvested and brought to the nearby production plants of the Consortium.

King of the summer table, the tomato – juicy and sweet – is the protagonist of Pomì canned tomatoes, which encapsulate all the aroma, color and taste of the summer.

This is what is happening in the tomato fields...

The best tomato varieties, selected by the Agronomic Department and controlled by the Pomì Quality Department are monitored day by day in their maturation in the field, accompanied with care until the moment of harvest.

In order to bring to the processing phase a fresh and genuine product, the forces in the field are multiple:

The hands of our farmers, partners of the Consortium called Consorzio Casalasco del Pomodoro, who in the field dedicate scrupulous and patient attention to the land and its fruits.

The research of our Agronomists, who day after day accompany the farmers in the activities of the field, carrying out an accurate Quality control and implementing the best and most strategic choices to ensure the health of the tomato, precious raw material of the Pomì pulp and purée.

The respect for the farmed land that is expressed in the observation of a rigorous production discipline, that focuses on responsible and sustainable use of the resources, in particular, of water.

Hands, research, respect This synergy allows us to conserve genuineness and freshness – from the best practices in the field, and all throughout the processing phases – to guarantee a product of absolute quality with which to enrich the summer table with taste.

Safe, secure, tasty, full of aroma…

And versatile in the kitchen! The ideas to be able to savor the Pomì products, genuine and delicate, are truly infinite. Thanks to pulp and purée, you can give your creativity free rein: sauces for your pasta, quick side dishes, fresh single dishes...during the summer, the intense flavor of the Pomì tomato is perfect for very many recipes.

Can you even imagine a summer without Pomì tomatoes? We can’t! This is why we have thought of accompanying you in the summer months with a new feature Stay all Summer with Pomì to create an entire menu together. Protagonist? None other than the tomato, one of the most delicious and healthy gifts of this season!

And the best part? Thanks to the Pomì products, you can enjoy these recipes the whole year through.




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