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For your summer reading (... and tasting) pleasure, we have created a list of books for you, a tribute to our favorite protagonist, none other than the true King of summer: the tomato.

4 reading suggestions for the summer

Summer is the best season for reading, the perfect time to dedicate a little time to great stories, those that allow us to travel far – in time and in space – while remaining physically in the here and now.

The long days allow us to enjoy so much light. Under the beach umbrella, in the yard, in the hammock on the terrace, in the park, in the mountains: we have much more time to devote to pleasant and relaxing activities, such as reading. In fact, nothing can beat lying in the shade, letting yourself be caressed by a light breeze and immersing yourself in a book.

For your summer reading (... and tasting) pleasure, we have created a list of books for you, a tribute to our favorite protagonist, none other than the true King of summer: the tomato.

For Us at Pomì, July is a month of intense activity. In the fields of the Consortium, the harvest of tomatoes for Pomì canned tomatoes is about to go into high gear (it will begin at the end of July), and will continue for the next few months, to wind down at the end of September

To celebrate the teeming life of the fields, we therefore help you pack your summer reading suitcase with this theme, 4 titles for a journey with Pomì!

The essay

The myth of the origins. A brief history of spaghetti with tomato sauce.
The food historian Massimo Montanari invites you to retrace through the ages, latitudes, peoples and traditions, the history of the happy combination of pasta, cheese and red sauce, the recipe that today has become the emblem of the Italian soul in the world. Through the dough, shapes, ingredients, false trails, and culinary secrets handed down from generation to generation, we rediscover the undisputed symbol of the Italian culinary identity: spaghetti with tomato sauce.
And at the end of the reading, why not get in front of the oven ourselves?
Read here to discover the recipe made in Pomì.

The novel

Fried Green Tomatoes
Alabama, the Twenties. Four women, many stories, a love story that was revolutionary for that time, a refuge – the kitchen of the Whistle Stop Café – a recipe, that of fried green tomatoes, originally from the American south, which becomes a tasty catalyst for events, stories, people. A simple yet delicious recipe that will make even the readers exclaim: “You will think you died and went to heaven!”

The cookbook

Tomato day. The ritual of canning tomatoes.
If there is one thing able to rekindle the connection with memory and nature, it is certainly the preparation of canned tomatoes. A genuine ritual, a homemade tradition with ancient roots, handed down from generation to generation according to recipes and particular methods that are always different. An event that takes us back to the past as a moment of reunion of the whole family - but that also teaches us a lot about the future, such as the recycling of containers, and above all, making the most of a seasonal product throughout the year.
The day of the bottles opens the mystical power of the ritual of canning, capable of conserving much more than tomato sauce.

Our magazine

Pomì - Back to the future
Dust off your jackets with padded shoulders, animal prints, blue jeans, leg warmers, your Walkman and the inevitable fluorescent details. The legendary Eighties are back with Pomì! The new magazine celebrates 40 years of the mythical slogan O così. O Pomì with a roaring eighties edition. A journey back to the future with recipes, focus, memories and throwbacks that rewinds the tape, or rather, that brings the 80s back to the present day in a fun, tasty and colorful magazine to download!

Ready to set out on a journey through time?



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