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Delicious, versatile, easy to use, everyone likes tomatoes in all sauces

Pulp or Puree A question of redness...

Delicious, versatile, easy to use, everyone likes tomatoes in all sauces:

an aroma of tradition which adapts perfectly to modern cuisine. The base for an infinite number of sauces suitable for serving with different kinds of pasta, it is an essential ingredient in so many recipes.

But each recipe to their own tomato: Pulp is juicy and fresh tasting, perfect for fish-based dishes; sweet and creamy Puree is ideal in everyday recipes and is popular with children.

How red Pomì tomato products are created

Each Pomì preserve is the result of a specific process which makes it unique and suitable for certain recipes.

Once tomatoes are washed and selected, they are peeled inside large pots where they are seared using boiling hot blasts of vapor which cause the skin to swell and break open. Separators are used to remove the peel, for whole, impeccably peeled tomatoes.

  • Extrusion: the process used to create Pomì Tomato Pulp. The tomatoes are crushed using perforated drums, creating a chunky pulp containing small pieces.
  • Sieving: fine hole sieves - with a maximum diameter of 1 mm - are used to strain the tomatoes, transforming them into Pomì Tomato Puree, characterized by a silky and seedless consistency.

Fine pulp: all the freshness of tomato

Fine tomato pulp has a fresh, summery aroma, with a fine-coarse consistency and all the flavor of natural, freshly cooked tomato. This is why pulp is delicious simply enjoyed uncooked, as a topping on a slice of toasted rustic bread, enriched with a drizzle of oil or a basil leaf and a pinch of salt.

As a quick and simple pasta condiment, simply cook it for a few minutes on a high flame with a garlic clove and garnish with chopped taggiasche olives, a few capers and anchovies.

Pulp is suitable for lengthier cooking times and high temperatures, making it perfect for stews and casseroles, where it balances fat thanks to the fresh and refreshingly acidic note typical of tomato. 

With fish it is a match made in heaven: fine tomato pieces subtly delight the palate and are an added value in every recipe. The summery hint of tomato and freshness of the fish bring to life simple yet tantalizing dishes, bursting with joy and a feast for the eyes. Our favorite one?  Moscardini in guazzetto (fish and tomato sauce)

Puree: sweet velvet

A distinctive flavor and a velvety consistency. Pomì tomato puree is sweet, dense and delicate. Ideal for full-bodied puree soups, it is a ready-to-use ingredient, for a classic and rapid sauce served with spaghetti.

It expresses all its intensity in recipes where tomato flavor is the star of the show, like in classic dishes of Italian cuisine, amatriciana, for example. Its creamy consistency is ideal for binding ingredients together, like in this sauce with ricotta balls, a recipe that is very popular with children.

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen, with Pomì red sauces.



Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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Pulp, Passata and Related Products

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