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Also this month, our feature Stay all Summer with Pomì returns, with a second episode dedicated entirely to first dishes.

Stay all Summer with Pomì  Ep.2 First dishes

Summer, and this one in particular, is not only about vacations and trips, but it’s also about our renewed sociality.

Taking advantage of the warm weather, the moment for dinner together has indeed arrived, perhaps in the yard, at sunset or under the stars, accompanied by a glass of wine and excellent dishes.

Also this month, our feature Stay all Summer with Pomì returns, with a second episode dedicated entirely to first dishes. We’ve gone on the lookout for freshness - forget about dishes that are too heavy and filling - but especially, we sought simplicity - because we are well aware that there’s not that much desire to stay for hours and hours in front of a hot stove - to offer you a list of practical and quick recipes with something that makes them even more special: they can easily become one-course meals.

Are you ready to make a fantastic impression at the table, with super recipes for the eyes and the palate? Without further ado, the first dishes for the Pomì Edition summer!

Seasonality: fish and vegetables

Union of lightness and taste, fish and vegetables are the perfect duet for summer dishes. No less important, with their flavors and aromas, they are ingredients that take us immediately to the seaside, even if we are bringing them to the outdoor table, comfortably seated in the backyard. We offer them as first dishes in three versions:

Delicious served hot... but also cold!

Practical. This is what summer recipes all have in common. This is why among the first dishes of our menu we must not leave out recipes that are delicious hot off the stove, but incredibly good if served and eaten the next day, even straight from the fridge. Start from a base of cereals and add the ingredients and combinations that you like the most: a colorful quinoa with vegetables, a tasty spelt with tuna and zucchini, a creative millet pie, or a classic rice salad with shrimp and zucchini. Prepare the bowl, for these recipes you will want to have a large container!

Spaghetti or risotto?

This is the true summer dilemma. Because there’s no argument over the condiment: mussels, clams and tomato. These three ingredients alone are enough to make a dinner at sundown unforgettable. But how to please everyone? No problem, here are some variations on the theme that we know will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds! For those watching their waistline, there is wholemeal spaghetti; for the purists, pasta with mussels and clams; for those who want to travel in tradition, we arrive as far as Bari with rice, potatoes and mussels; for those who love gourmet recipes,  risotto with mussels and spumante. And you? What will you choose?

We look forward to seeing you again in August for the third episode dedicated to second courses! Stay tuned!



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